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Both "Sarin gas attack" and "Oklahoma City bombing" commemorated "Sino-Japanese War". ... .html#3_20

The First Sino-Japanese War was a very important war for the Japanese Empire.

So the war was prepared beforehand very carefully.

After all, the war was a fake one.

Japan commemorated the war and the peace treaty 100 years later.

At such fake events, Japan is always on the victorious side.

Particularly about the sarin gas attack by the Aum cult is suspicious.

On the same day, the Bank of Japan established the Resolution and Collection Corporation in order to purchase bad loans from banks.

The establishment of the RCC attracted a lot of attention from mass media.

Japan's bubble burst included a variety of fishy deals.

And the government needed to cover up what had happened.

The sarin gas attack was said to kill 13 and injure 5,510.

However, in the Japanese mass media, only one victim's name is reported and only his wife appears in the news.

The media always say that people's privacy must be protected.

At the Oklahoma City bombing, the destruction was huge.

On the other hand, there was no physical damage around the subway stations.

The Japanese government took advantage of the event for enhancing prestige.

Particularly, main stream religious organizations gained their popularity though they were criticized for their corruption. ... .html#3_20 ... .html#2_15

At the Sino-Japanese War, the Chinese diplomat "Li Hongzhang" was probably a member of the Japanese Buddhist organization.

Nowadays, the deteriorated Japanese mass media are referred to as "mass garbage".

And the situation is worsening year by year. ... newspapers

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