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By Jonnorth
It is known that in 2019 Russia took the leading position in the world in the sale of peaceful atom. And naturally, this could not be ignored in the West.

To date, criticism of the West regarding the fact that Russia allegedly does not comply with environmental and nuclear safety standards has increased tremendously. In particular, this concerns the activity of Western experts and pseudo-scientists concerned about the nuclear industry in Russia and their mass performances, as well as the release in May 2019 of the «Chernobyl» TV series about tragic events (completely distorting reality) at the Chernobyl NPP.

One cannot argue with the fact that the United States, in view of the lack of competitiveness of its own companies, is launching an information campaign against the Russian Federation in order to undermine confidence in Russian technologies and to raise doubts, at least among its closest allies, about the advisability of concluding any contracts with Russia.

It should be noted that in Western countries it is the construction of nuclear power plants (including mobile ones), icebreakers and other facilities that are in great demand. In fact, the United States is losing this market in the territory it controls, including among NATO allies.

In this regard, Washington, adhering to dirty working methods, is trying to save itself from further market loss, but this is unlikely to help if American technologies become really competitive to Russian.

Nevertheless, no information campaign prevents other states from cooperating with Russia in the energy sector. For example, in India, they believe that Russia remains «the only foreign country in India that in practice implements the agreements reached on the creation of nuclear energy capacities» and plan further joint cooperation.

Thus, Moscow continues to carry out successful projects in the field of nuclear energy with countries such as China, Africa, Iran, Turkey, etc. And, despite the US information campaigns against the Russian Federation, aimed at undermining confidence in Russian technologies, none of the country has any plans to suspend cooperation with Moscow, in view of the understanding of the reliability of the partnership with it.
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