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Pants-of-dog wrote:I like how you say I am wrong and then repeat the same facts I just mentioned.

Wrong. You said it had nothing to do with the claims. It had everything to do with the fact that Lyin' Michael Mann's claims were unsupported, and he was just abusing the legal process to inflict unjust legal costs on Ball. The court saw that's what Mann was doing, and rapped his knuckles for it by awarding costs to Ball.
4 pages back there was a copy and paste post from some expert who said something like, "The climateproxy data and the actual modern measured data diverge. We don't know why this *is* so. The experts do not have a reason why this has happened. And this is from 10 years ago." So, 2 things.
1] It is 10 years later, so maybe the experts do *now* have a very good idea why this is so.
2] I have a thought for why it is so. I'm no expert so my thought is likely not new or useful.
. . . . My thought is --- maybe there is a confounding variable that is being assumed to be constant or to not matter, but in fact is not constant and does matter.
. . . . I suggest that this 'confounding variable' is the amount of CO2 in the air. It is well known that the more CO2 in the air the faster that planes grow. It seems likely that the faster that trees grow the less dense the wood in their rings will be. But, the opposite is also possible. Since, the density of tree rings is assumed to indicate the temp. that the tree experienced that summer as it grew the ring, it is possible that the CO2 being added to the air in the post 1960 period is the reason that the measured data and the proxy data diverged {with the measured data being higher than the proxy data implied}.

My bias is that ACC is true and we are going to suffer a lot in the next 20 or so years for our denial of the facts which therefore led to our failure to act until it *is too late* to avoid massive suffering.
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