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Political issues and parties in the nations of the Middle East.

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SSDR wrote:Islamic imperialism must be destroyed at all circumstances. Islam is the biggest threat to the advancement, progress, and the real consciousness of the world.

Islam is the biggest enemy to socialism. Islam is the biggest enemy to social liberation, since Islam is against social liberation. Islam holds the west back.

When Spain and Portugal were liberated from Islamic rule in the 1400's, they created the world's first global empires.

Wrong Granada was in this time the scientific centre of the world. Comparable to Silicon Valley today.

We need a leader who ends the secterian war like Saladin (who was by the way a Kurd), to crush all oppressors.

The West is not an Enemy today it is China and Israel. I do not know why the Jihadis are so obsessed with the West
anasawad wrote:True; I'd say the current wars and conflicts are, indeed, a step in the path of reformation; ...

The current conflicts in the Islamic world are the symptoms of Islam's inability to come to terms with modernity, they are not a "path to reformation". On the contrary, the conflicts prevent reform. For society to improve it needs peace and stability. The fragmented clan structure of countries in the wider ME prevent the creation of larger structures that would be able to improve society for the common good. Authoritarian leaders in these clan-based societies have to prevent progress that could endanger their hold on power.

Islam culture prospered from the 9th to the 15th century when it controlled far-distant trade between the East and the West. The wealth accumulated from that trade improved social life, science and technology and the arts. Europe took control of that trade during the European renaissance. The resulting improvement of science, technology and the arts enabled further territorial expansion during the colonial period, which further accumulated capital to promote science, etc.

Unable to compete, the Islamist world retreated into religious fundamentalism and a rejection of modernity. I don't see any signs of change.

In a nutshell, that's how I see the problem.

Edit: It is interesting to note that in the West, segments of the population that feel they are unable to compete retreat into right-wing populism, which has the hallmarks of religious fundamentalism in the Islamist world.

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