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Is it ok to violently discipline your kids?

Yes - with great force.
Yes - with moderate force.
Yes - very gently.
No - but extremely aggressive talking-to's are ok; and threats.
No - but shouting is ok.
No - minimal shouting
Other (Explain)
Pinching can be far more aggressive, since you can actually cause more pain.

foxdemon wrote:Does smacking a child have a negative effect? My father was a messed up war veteran and he used to lose his temper over minor things and beat us. My step mother is also a violent nut case and beat my step bother and sister. That isn’t just smacking, but dragging the kids around and giving them a physical hiding for not doing what they were told. Did that mess us up? Well, the long term effect is that I don’t talk to my father or my step mother anymore.
What you describe was. A spanking for discipline is controlled and measured. Spanking in anger is never a good idea.

I have a 9 year old son. I've likely spanked him about a dozen times in his whole life, and as a disciplinary measure it is pretty much obsolete, now.
I'm sorry, I know a couple of people here think I'm not who I say I am, and others think I'm 'just a kid', but neither is correct. I am 16 next birthday, and I have my own opinions on stuff. I do not believe anyone should hit kids, or anyone who can't hit them back. I cannot remember ever being hit by grownups when I was young, and corporal punishment is forbidden at my school. My mum and dad do not believe in it either, but that doesn't mean that I never got loads of other punishments (and still do).

I wonder how many of you remember how boring detention is, or being grounded and sent to your room without your favourite toys and stuff? That's much worse than being hit (like I've been hit loads of times in fights - you get a few seconds of pain, and then it's forgotten).

I don't think people should even consider ever hitting their kids, specially when they are little. And I'm not totally sure that isn't against the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. But I know kids who are scared sh*tless of their dads - that's like quite sick, isn't it?
Yes, Paddy, it's very sick and very wrong.

It cannot be right to give kids the idea it's okay to hit people who have done something they don't like. Especially if they are a lot smaller and more physically weak than them.
That's simply not what a spanking is. No one is talking about child abuse, which is what it is if it's the ONLY form of discipline that you use, for everything, even minor transgressions.
snapdragon wrote:Like the Kray brothers? They were successful for a long time.

(shrugs) If that analogy fits with what I wrote to PoD, I'll be damned.

It just sounds like BLAH BLAH BLAH YADDAH YADDAH YADDAH to them.

They shut their ears and wait until the parent/authority figure has run out of steam.

Always. They're like puppies who need to see the vet.

I didn't like being hit by my father, so I lied.

Or I cried and acted my socks off . And when that didn't work, I put up with the thumping knowing Dad would regret it almost immediately and I might even get some sweeties out of it.

I certainly never thought about behaving myself in future.

I just thought of more devious ways of not being found out.

I loved my Dad very much, but he was an idiot.

I still miss him dreadfully.

The boy who lived next door to us was very badly beaten by his father and grew up to be an absolute delinquent. It got so that a beating him did nothing, he was so used to it.

He both hated and feared his father and when he got big enough, started hitting back.

I always knew that hitting children wasn't a good way to punish bad behaviour.

Praise good behaviour and ignore bad behaviour when your kids are little and when they get older withdraw treats.

And never, ever let them off.

My condolences for pa.

I disagree that shouting is always a bad idea, I'm sure you can snap at folks sometimes. :) But generally speaking I think you're probably right; IMHO it is called for sometimes, but only sometimes.
Under normal circumstances , I would say that violent punishment is uncalled for . If I had a child I would use anything from giving detention to administering prolonged rigorous exercise , such as running laps , or push ups , as a penalty for disciplinary offenses . But with that being said , I have been in a situation when I had to help tend to a cousin who my parents gained custody of , because the boy's mother was a method head , and the father a pederast . And even though we usually tried to administer alternate punishments , whenever he'd misbehave , we'd often be left having to resort to brute force , as he'd beligerantly resist all attempts to impose discipline . I'd even go so far as to enforce time outs , by sitting with him on my lap on the recliner , with his balled up fists held by me at the wrists facing each other , thinking that he wouldn't be so stupid as to pound them together , but he was . So , from this extraordinary experience of handling an illbred meth baby , I will say that I have come to conclude that it is the swiftest , and best response to beligerant behavior from a child is to deliver a series of rapid smacks upon the buttocks , with the flat of your hand . For any attempts at physically restraining such a wild savage will run the risk of wrenching muscle , or even breaking bone , when he tries to futilely breakaway . But in regards to responding to beligerance , I consider it not so much a matter of corporal punishment , but rather of counter-aggression . So , in my own mind , I still believe that I am abiding by my political conviction , as expressed in this document .
Children’s rights

1 – Every child’s right to a happy, secure and creative life.2 – Society is responsible for ensuring the well-being of every child irrespective of her family’s means and circumstances. The state is obliged to ensure a uniform, and the highest possible, standard of welfare and development opportunities for children.

3 – Allowances and free medical, educational and cultural services to ensure a high standard of living for children and youngsters regardless of family circumstances.

4 – Placing all children without a family or familial care under the guardianship of the state, and providing for their life and education in modern, caring, progressive and well-equipped centres.

5 – Creation of well-equipped, modern nurseries to ensure that all children are provided with a creative educational and social environment regardless of family circumstances.

6 – Equal rights for all children, whether born in or outside marriage.

7 – Prohibition of professional employment for children and youngsters under 16.

8 – Prohibition of abuse of children at home, in school and the society at large. Strict prohibition of corporal punishment. Prohibition of subjecting children to psychological pressure and intimidation.

9 – Decisive legal action against sexual abuse of children. Sexual abuse of children is deemed a grave crime.

10 – Prosecution and punishment of anyone who in any way and under any pretext impedes children, whether boys or girls, from enjoying their civil and social rights, such as education, recreation, and participation in children’s social activities
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