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Sex is not a human right, like the retarded Judge in this story believes.

ness31 wrote:Imagine a world without sex. What kind of world would it be?

Boring, probably, and people-less, soon enough. :excited:

But nobody is owed sex. People aren't going to die if they don't get laid, you can see this from a lot of the posters ITT and on this board who still are here. Thanks for asking.
Sex is not a human right, like the retarded Judge in this story believes.

I think you are right.

But perhaps someone could argue that "sex with anyone specifically is not a human right". Maybe people do have the right to have sex with whomever is willing and able to give informed consent. It doesn't matter though. The fact remains that this judge has endorsed the actions of a potential sexual predator. That is outrageous.
Rancid wrote:What would be the difference between a human need and a right?

Assume Human need does not require further definition, a Right is your eligibility to fulfill certain Human need of yours, either not in breach of other people's said eligibility, or as a result of consent with other people who are in competition to said eligibility.
Sexualization of a culture is oppressive, is a symbol of patriarchy, and makes people more socially competitive, which is a symbol of social alienation.

It is disgusting that some men, especially sexist, right winged men, (and liberals), have the mentality that "They can get that girl," Or "How many girls can he get?" Men having the mentality to 'play' women is alienating because it makes the men who get less sexual activity "losers" which is a social construct, and the men who get more women "winners." Any woman who desires a man who treats women like shit by "playing them" are traitors to feminism.

There is no "pro sex feminism." "Pro sex feminists" socially reward men who play women, while have no support for men who don't play women because "they can't get them because they are not successful." That full fills the masculine player mentality, thus going against recognizing women as human beings rather than sexual objects or toys.

Liberalism is very anti feminist. Liberal "feminism" promotes sexual competition, alienation of men who cannot get women, and prostitution, which is sexual slavery! Liberal "feminism" produces sexual slavery/prostitution, alienation of the sexes, and the very anti feminist "Incel" community. The "Incel" community was collectively known from young, liberal, American Bourgeoisie people. "Incels" are the product of "liberal feminism," which itself is anti feminist. "Men Going Their Own Way" is another anti feminist product that reacted to the anti feminist politics of "liberal feminism." "Vox," which is an American liberal enterprise, demonstrates this example:

"In the late 1990s, a lonely teenager on the West Coast fired up his dial-up modem to find someone to talk to. He was a shy kid, too introverted to feel fully comfortable in the real world, and he logged on to the early internet’s bare-bones web forums for a sense of connection. There he found friends: other people who were awkward in real life, particularly when it came to sex and dating."

"The real world" is a capitalist social construct full of sexualization of women, alienation of men via socially masculine competition, and valuing people according to their personal wealth, which goes against the heart of a human, since that makes people corrupt. "Awkward in like, when it came to sex and dating." This is an example of capitalist culture. Skilled "dating" is socially alienative and competitive. Having humans bond a certain way via social constructs is judgmental, and enforces capitalist social constructs. "When it came to sex" - This quotation makes women look like sexual objects, rather than human beings.

"one where men who didn’t know how to talk to women could ask the community’s female members for advice (and vice versa). It was, he told me, “kind of an SJW [social justice warrior] community."

"Did not know how to talk to women" is a sexist viewpoint that makes women look socially different than men, via capitalist social constructs. "Incels" are "Social Justice Warriors" of the far right of whom are the reactionary products of the liberal politics that goes against feminism, since liberal "feminism" is not really feminism due to making women look like sex objects and making men more competitive, which is a symbol of social alienation.

Another liberal feminist enterprise from the States that has their own English texted website, "bitchmedia" goes against feminism:

"Incels divide the rest of the world into “Chads” (conventionally attractive men who are seen as sexually successful), “Stacys” (hyperfeminine, conventionally attractive women), and “Beckys” (“normal” women)."

Everything states within the parenthesis is "bitchmedia's" viewpoints on "Incels'" categories of people. From a real feminist point of view, "Chads" are men who view women as sexual objects, who play women like objects, and who are socially competitive. They alienate men who are not "players" like them. "Stacys" are anti feminist women who submit to men, portray capitalist social constructs of submissive women, and tend to lack labour capabilities, so they can rely on men economically. The toxic masculinity that "Incels" produce are the reactionary product of liberal "feminism," which is anti feminist. "bitchmedia" is an American anti feminist website.

Anyone who sexualizes society or culture, like "Incels" or "liberal feminists" are enemies to feminism and justice.
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