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A new report published today by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) finds that lower housing costs, particularly in the social rented sector, are the main reason for lower levels of poverty in Scotland when compared to the rest of the UK.

The assessment comes in an annual state of the nation report entitled ‘Poverty in Scotland 2019’ which looks at how poverty has changed over 20 years of devolution.

It highlights that although poverty rates before housing costs are similar across the UK, poverty is significantly lower in Scotland after housing costs are deducted – with the biggest difference for children.

The report states that “the announcement of the Scottish Child Payment earlier this summer shows how seriously the Scottish Government is taking its legal obligations on reducing child poverty.”

Whilst the Scottish Government has set ambitious targets to eradicate child poverty, UK government welfare reforms are set to increase child poverty to 29% in 2023/24, according to the Resolution Foundation.

The SNP has said this report shows that action taken by the Scottish Government – such as building 87,000 affordable homes since 2007 and introducing vital child poverty legislation – is making a real impact on tackling poverty despite UK wide Tory austerity cuts to the welfare system.


They also have a much fairer policy towards the homeless wrt hostels etc, they have free tuition, prescription charges were abolished in 2011...

Yet it's not all rosey.

The moronic Thatcherites & Blairites stole the north sea gas & oil; exploitation of which peaked in 00-01; it belonged to the Scots people; that money could have saved real lives in south Scotland; Glasgow especially. Apart from that; the deprivation in places like Motherwell is absolutely heart rending.

("Scotland has highest drug death rate in EU" - ... d-48938509 )

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