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"The firm (Cambridge Analytica) became a revolving door of foreign politicians, fixers, security agencies, and businessmen with their scantily clad private secretaries in tow. It was obvious that many of these men were associates of Russian oligarchs who wanted to influence a foreign government...

Cambridge Analytica would target those who were more prone to impulsive anger or conspiratorial thinking than average citizens, introducing narratives via Facebook groups, ads, or articles that the firm knew from internal testing were likely to inflame the very narrow segments of people with these traits. CA wanted to provoke people...

...because most elections are zero-sum games: If you get one more vote than the other guy or girl, you win the election. Cambridge Analytica needed to infect only a narrow sliver of the population, and then it could watch the narrative spread."

http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/10/ ... wylie.html

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