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Most of you have never heard a super subwoofer. In the first Jurassic Park, the dinosaur roar will literally shove your innards around, threatening bowel control.

Percussion is a kick in the chest. They are amazing, but then so is the price.

But the price of subs has been coming down. The sub I am going to talk about today is *not* a super sub. But it has the best numbers I've ever seen for a grand. It'd scare your friends.

"I was unprepared for the fun I had reviewing this subwoofer. Coupled with both the ESL-989s and LS50s, twin SB-3000s delivered solid bass down to 16Hz in my small listening room—I still don't quite believe it—without bloat or overload.

Its bargain-basement price explains why the SB-3000 lacks a front panel display, XLR input/output jacks, trigger on/off connectors, free calibration microphones, automatic room adjustments, and white gloves."

Got a grand I can borrow? ... fer-page-2

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