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In UK a lorry was found to have 39 dead bodies reported to be "immigrants" who entered the EU area and came to UK from Northern Ireland.
So, it appears a free-for-all without checks has its problems??
Indeed, a free-for-all without checks creates all sorts of problems, was it ever going to be otherwise. You will of course be aware that the unfortunate illegal immigrants in question entered England from Belgium rather than Northern Ireland as was first thought. The 'fridge' container was loaded unchecked onto a ship in Zeebrugge, bound for England. And this is somehow our fault! The fact that millions of illegal immigrants not only enter the EU but freely move around 27 borderless EU states some of whom are loaded onto lorries which are not checked at French and/or Belgian ports and shipped to England, is our fault! It's tragic they died, it's also tragic that thanks to the EU they are unlikely to be the last.
Eu and the UK have had open borders within Europe for decades. Have you just clued into this?
Godstud wrote:Eu and the UK have had open borders within Europe for decades. Have you just clued into this?

Actually the UK does not have open borders with the EU, although you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise. But I agree the EU started to remove internal borders shortly after the collapse of communism. By the early 1990's an aspiring people trafficker could drive a lorry load of illegal immigrants from eastern Europe across several borderless EU 'states' to the French/Belgian Channel ports completely unmolested by officialdom. What a plan.
Proper inspection of cargo is nearly impossible.

I think technology is getting to the point where it might be possible. Things like automated imaging of cargo (xray) coupled with advanced image processing techniques.
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