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US Vice President Mike Pence is a man who is known for his harsh criticism of China. However, not all of his speeches are supported by facts. In a recent speech, he called Beijing's behavior even more aggressive and destabilizing. As an example, M. Pence cited the frequent entry of Chinese vessels into the waters around the Diaoyu Islands. However, can patrolling of Chinese ships on their own territory be called aggressive acts?
Basically, the Senkaku Island is currently administered by Japan after the United States administered the islands as part of the United States Civil Administration of the Ryukyu Islands from 1945 until 1972. The Ryukyu Islands or Okinawa were returned to Japan in 1972 by the Nixon administration under the Okinawa Reversion Agreement. If a country invades an island controlled by another country, it is an act of war. Japan has never aggressively patrolled around Dokdo of South Korea or the southern Kurils currently owned by Russia, despite its territorial claims that annoy Seoul and Moscow. Russia aggressively polices its territorial waters by seizing Korean or Japanese vessels, which is what we expect from every sovereign nation.

Russian border guards have seized three North Korean fishing vessels and 262 crew members for poaching in waters that Moscow considers its exclusive economic zone.

The crew and vessels, as well as several motorboats, were taken to Russia's Far East port of Nakhodka and border guards have seized 30,000 squid as well as illegal fishing equipment, the Interfax news agency reported on Friday.

It is the second such incident this month.

Russia arrested two North Korean boats in its territorial waters in the Sea of Japan on September 17 after one of them attacked a Russian patrol.

In that incident, Russia said it seized one of the vessels for poaching, prompting a second boat to open fire.

Several border guards and alleged poachers were hurt and one of the North Koreans later died from his wounds.

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