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When Marshall Mcluhan wrote the medium is the message he meant that the medium you use to communicate can be more important than the message.

When Martin Luther started the Protestant movement, he used the first printing press to make 10 copies to send to friends and colleagues.

Each of them had 10 copies made, and sent them out. It was the first chain letter, the first mass communication. The message was copied thousands of times.

But perhaps the most important thing is that it set off a couple centuries of war. Without the printing press, it simply would not have happened, the Church had been corrupt for centuries.

Nowadays, kids take risque selfies, some have concluded most of them do.

Katie Hill is the first person to run into the buzzsaw of the new media running into old values.

If that doesn't change, we'll be sidelining a generation. And the message to the following generation may not be the one we want to send....

"On every possible platform, we air out our relationships and our wellness regimes; we hashtag our mental-health challenges and post every possible sort of image, including our most personal...

Sexual photos in particular have gone from risque, in our parents’ generation, to standard, in ours. Millennials basically invented an app just to pass them around...

The odd thing is that although our media have changed, and our behaviors changed to meet them, something within us has yet to catch up..." ... story.html
That's humorous, but nude photos didn't do Katie Hill in. It was the fact that she was having sex with both campaign and congressional staffers. She whines on about double standards, but she's not getting sued the way men do when they do the same thing. If it's okay for Hill to do this kind of thing, why isn't it okay for other members of Congress to do it?

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