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"At its heart, this book is a tale of two countries, the United States and Russia, and how they have been warped by a rapacious fossil fuel industry. In her view, almost everything comes back, in the end, to the industry. It’s the “key ingredient in the global chaos and democratic downturn we’re now living through..if you follow the dots, it explains how almost everything in the world works — ultimately, she warns, it will “fatally injure the whole freaking planet.”

The Trump campaign had roughly 100 contacts with Russians. Every single one was supposed to be reported to the FBI, and none of them were. In fact, they lied about dozens of times. When that lie collapsed, they invented new lies. But, in reality, all Russia cared about was sanctions.

Instead of developing a market economy, Putin used oil to make himself fabulously wealthy, and keep a hobnail boot on Russia's neck. His actions are like those of a mob boss, and that's what got him in trouble.

One of the guys he killed pissed us off, and we levied sanctions against Russia. Because he didn't waste any effort building a modern economy, the loss of oil and gas income was close to disaster.

To save himself, he attacked. Russia has an economy roughly the size of Italy. They may have really good weapons, but they can't afford to field a world class fighting force. The money just isn't there (In most wars, the guy that spends the most wins).

Russia also badly needs foreign companies to extract their oil and gas. Russian equipment just isn't good enough.

Putin is a brilliant tactician, there is no denying that. But each step he takes drags his country, and possibly everywhere else, closer to the edge of the precipice. ... story.html
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