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"Creating the oath was the first thing Congress did..

The Constitution’s command that officeholders commit to “support this Constitution” was so obvious that the Founders considered leaving it out. But they decided to include it as a reminder, down through the ages, of the core responsibility of government service..

If public evidence establishes that the president failed to abide his obligation to faithfully execute, where does that leave those in Congress who promised to bear true faith and allegiance to the founding charter? How can you bear true faith to a document and allow it to be wantonly violated?"

Former Maine senator and Sec Def: "Cohen talks in terms Republicans rarely do these days. He sees the presidency as a fiduciary role, a position of trust. “We hold fiduciaries to a higher standard than we do anyone else,” he explains. “Power must be entrusted to someone, but no one can be trusted with power.” Hence, we have our checks and balances. For Cohen, Trump’s conduct unquestionably is impeachable. “It’s not a close call for me”

https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions ... -hearings/

https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions ... elessness/
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