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Nixon also did obstruction of Congress, and that resulted in an impeachment charge of Adverse Influence resulting in obstruction of justice and contempt of Congress.

It's also part of the reason Nixon's AG wound up in jail, and why Barr should also wind up in jail.

IOW, all that nonsense about 2nd hand testimony is an admission of guilt. If Bolton, Mulvaney and Vought could exonerate Trump, they would have been there already.

Not that it matters. Information has been coming out for years. Yesterday it was the Stone trial. Lev Parnas has said he would flip, and you know that crook turned political operative has something to add to impeachment.

Watergate prosecutors have been saying there is enough to impeach for over a year now, and since then we have learned a lot.

Republicans have tried maybe a dozen lame excuses trying to get out from under the obvious.

Kids, it ain't gonna work. ... hard_Nixon

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