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Blacks have recently stepped up their attacks on Jews for some unknown reasons, and somehow it's the fault of Trump, white supremacy and hate speech.

The stabbing story is getting the most coverage, but just two days before, some blacks were caught on camera physically assaulting Jews right on the street.

Flurry Of Anti-Semitic Attacks Emerge In New York City During Hanukkah

New York City police are investigating at least six possible anti-Semitic hate crimes that occurred over the past week and coincide with Hanukkah.

The attacks occurred primarily in the borough of Brooklyn, with multiple victims between the ages of 6 and 65 years old claiming they were physically assaulted and, in some cases, subjected to anti-Semitic slurs.

Mayor Bill de Blasio pledged to increase police presence in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Crown Heights, Williamsburg and Borough Park in response to the assaults. He also said police will increase visits to houses of worship and “other critical areas” in the community.

“Anyone who terrorizes our Jewish community WILL face justice,” De Blasio tweeted Friday morning.

Bill de Blasio on Hanukkah Attack: Trump’s ‘Hateful Speech’ Emboldened Violent Forces

On Sunday broadcast of MSNBC’s “Weekends,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio commented on five people being stabbed in an attack at a synagogue in New York’s Rockland County.

De Blasio said, “For the last three years in this country the forces of hate have been unleashed, and we see more and more violence associated with those hateful impulses. Some of it organized and premeditated. The uptick in hate crimes in this city has led the NYPD to recognize we’ve got to get under the skin of these trends and see if they can disrupt them.”

He continued, “We’ve also known for years that there are white supremacists forces that are organizing to do violence. We know about the militias in some parts of the country. They’ve targeted law enforcement. These right-wing militias have targeted law enforcement for years in this country. Unfortunately, that trend is growing, that form of extremism. We’ve got to be able to track it and disrupt it in a way that, honestly, we didn’t face before in the city, nor much of the country. But let’s be honest, the last three years everything has changed. Once hate gets normalized, it spreads like wildfire, and it takes a more violent form, and we’ve got to stop it now before we end up making the wrong kind of history.”

He added, “It’s not a time for a partisan discussion, but it is a time to say some of the most hateful speech is emanating from Washington, D.C. What we need our president to do is be a unifier, a calming positive voice, reminding us of what we have in common as Americans. That’s what presidents have done for generations. We’ve missed that. And the hateful speech even if it’s not inciting specific violence, let’s face it, we have seen these violent forces emboldened. We saw it in Charlottesville. We’ve seen it all over the country. And we’ve got to be honest about it without falling into a partisan battle to say something is different in recent years. I’ll be the first to say there were other problems before that. There were campus shootings and other horrible things, but the connection to racial and ethnic motivation, that has been growing in the last few years, and that’s what we’ve got to stop.”

This is exactly like the thousands of hoax calls on Jewish community centers that turned out to be coming from some Israelis, but were blamed on Trump and secret white supremacists. But this time they aren't hoax attacks.
maz wrote:Blacks have recently stepped up their attacks on Jews for some unknown reasons, and somehow it's the fault of Trump, white supremacy and hate speech.

:lol: Well when the Hutsis genocided the Tutsis, I remember that was all the fault of the Belgians. When Sunni Arabs blew up Shia women and children by the hundreds in Iraqi market places, that was all the fault of George Bush. And the oppression of Arab Palestinian Muslims is the result of Western Imperialism and has nothing to do with 3000 years of Jewish supremacist racism.

So blame the WIGs (White, Infidel Gentiles) is always a good starting assumption.

The man suspected of stabbing five people at a rabbi's house in New York state was identified as Grafton Thomas. Grafton Thomas's attorney said there is no evidence the attack was driven by anti-Semitism but the journals recovered from the suspect's home were full of anti-Semitic quotes.

The criminal complaint said agents recovered journals from the suspect's home in Greenwood Lake, New York, including comments such as "why [people] mourned for anti-Semitism when there is Semitic genocide".

It says the 37-year-old also used his phone to search for "why did Hitler hate the Jews" on four occasions.

"German Jewish Temples near me" and "prominent companies founded by Jews in America" were also searched, along with other references to "Nazi culture" and swastikas. On Saturday, Grafton Thomas accessed an article about an increase in police presence in New York after possible anti-Semitic attacks.

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