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Holy shit.

Lev Parnas talked to Rachel Maddow last nite. He explained what happened in detail. How Firtash gave Trump guys well over a million bucks to make the criminal charges against him go away. Firtash is connected to the Russian mob, which does some of Putin's dirty work. How part of the price of getting cooperation from corrupt Ukrainian officials was getting rid of Amb. Yovanovitch. How this was about trashing Biden, and nothing else.

If you made a list of the characters that could have played the role of John Dean, I would have put Lev Parnas at the bottom of that list.

But there it is, he's the insider that spilled the beans, that explained how it all went down from a front row seat.

And there is a part 2 to this interview tonite...

Agreed. Best political interview since the Oliver North interviews.

Expecially the bits about Barr.

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