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Anatomy of a Platform: The News Cycle

Hi, all, I'm starting a new illustrative process using a sociological-type graphic framework that I developed. The basis illustrations are here:

Anatomy of a Platform: The News Cycle



Anatomy of a Platform



History, Macro-Micro -- politics-logistics-lifestyle


This is the first usage of it:

Anatomy of a Platform: The News Cycle -- Anti-Trump-Dynasty


So, as you can see, the framework allows for any combination of 'platforms' (and, further, 'strategies' and 'tactics') in common over extended political-ideological terrain (the one-dimensional left-right political spectrum).

I'd like to open this up to any and all serious participation. Please feel free to make suggestions, perhaps from sketches that use the same framework elements, for any news developments that would benefit from such an illustrative approach.




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