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I'm a 69 year old cancer survivor. Also a diabetic that maybe has less than a perfect diet.

Long and short of it, I don't heal all that fast, and the plan is to ride my bike a thousand miles this year.

So I ordered this fitness tracker, or whatever they are calling them: Garmin vívosmart 4

It's on sale, apparently grey isn't a popular color. My hair is grey, I like grey.

Any opinions on whether or not this is a good idea?
Anything that can get you motivated to be fitter and healthier is a GREAT idea!!

Skinster's onto something, too. Free is a good price, as well. :D
Godstud wrote:
Anything that can get you motivated to be fitter and healthier is a GREAT idea!!

Skinster's onto something, too. Free is a good price, as well. :D

I got a smartphone earlier this year, same week there were all those stories about phones getting hacked. So when I set it up, I cranked the security all the way up. I need to call the phone company and have them walk me through relaxing the security. Then I need to figure out how to get wifi on my computer, and then maybe I can get apps.

One of the reasons I got the thing is that it's supposed to be able to track recovery. So hopefully it can tell me when I've pushed too hard.
Yes, diet is as, and even more important, than exercise, Combine the two and improve yourself. It's almost never too late.

Don't be late. :excited:
Godstud wrote:

Don't be late. :excited:

Back in my backpacking days, I'd come out of the woods with a calorie deficit. One time in the 80s I got a standing ovation in an all you can eat restaurant. I had finished a trip a couple days earlier, and ate 3 dinners. After that I took a dinner plate, put 4 small pieces of chocolate cake on it, maybe a half quart of choc soft serve on that, nuts, and jimmies. I thought whipped cream would be excessive.

The place had long tables, and a coworker across from me had been watching me hoover down the food. When I sat down to have dessert, she started clapping, and next thing I know, the whole restaurant is clapping.

I am late in several different ways. But I am rarely late to dinner.
I picked up my bike today. I live on a hill, and I have been worried I couldn't pedal vigorously. I went up the hill, no problems.

But, in my rush to get started... I forget the fitness tracker (actually I forgot to put it back on after the morning shower)

Next time?

I can ride! Move over Lance, I'm coming through :D
We went for a short ride this morning, it was the wifes second ride, my 4th, so no drama.

The fitbit I got, I can get it on with difficulty, but it's a pain. I don't have large wrists, the band is real small.

So I'll prob send it back. The thing I want most is the ability to track recovery because I have a bad habit of overtraining. I trained so hard once I got pnuemonia in June. I got sick in winter, so when I could start training, I just doubled everything. Real smart.

This would prob be ok in that department, but there is a program some watches have that does some fancy calculations on your HR and tells you how much time you need to recover. It's pretty cool. I looked for reviews that talked about that, but no joy.

Anyway, looking at wrist HRMs now. They're more money, of course.
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