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Much of Europe is way ahead of us where cycling is concerned. They are about to get even better.

"When residents of Europe's major cities finally emerge from weeks of lockdowns later this month, they'll be met with at least one enduring change from the pandemic: miles and miles of new bike lanes.

Officials across the continent, from Paris to Brussels to London to Milan, are scrambling to provide commuters with alternatives to the public buses and trains that millions once used for transportation each day but that don’t allow for social distancing.

Leaders and urban planners also see a unique opportunity to advance green policy goals. The result may fundamentally transform the European city.

“Yes, there will be a huge acceleration in number of those who bike, as something good for the environment and good for public health, at the occasion of a terrible pandemic,” said Pierre Serne, the French transportation ministry’s point person on fostering biking after the lockdown ends. “At least something good can out of this terrible drama.”


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