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"Elena Kagan, like Sotomayor an Obama appointee, told Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow a “fundamental precept of our constitutional order is that the president is not above the law”.

Trump did not release his tax returns during the 2016 election and has not done so since, despite promising to do so.

“President Trump is the first one to refuse to do that,” Ginsburg said."


Roberts questioned Sekulow for a while. The questions seemed to be asking 'Are you saying what I think you are saying?'

After Sekulow said, in so many words, that Trump was above the law, Roberts interrupted him and gave the floor to another justice. The way he did it suggests he wasn't buying the BS. But this is the Supreme Court, and such guesses are traditionally called reading the tea leaves, because the final decision can easily go in some unexpected direction.

Still, it wasn't the hack job I was afraid we would get, so that's a pleasant surprise.So far, anyway..

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