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The Martian, the book, not the movie received some criticism for not being entirely correct.

Which is one of the oddest things you could say about it. For one thing, accuracy is not important. The Jules Verne book about going to the Moon wasn't especially accurate, but it was the seed that grew into the Apollo program, which took us to the Moon.

Second, the Martian is prob the most accurate scifi ever written. The author got a ton of help from NASA guys.

Third, the ideal in scifi is to be aspirational, and that was intensely aspirational, at least to me, and millions of others.

Makes for a good analogy.

Our Cult is doing all crap, all the time now. Which is one of the oddest things.

It's not going to work, 'you can't fool all the people all the time'. IOW, it's a mindless and doomed path to failure.

It's damaging the country in more ways than I want to know, much less type.

And they're providing aid and comfort to our enemies.

"As the saying goes, if you have integrity, nothing else matters, and if you do not have integrity, nothing else matters."

Which is the most damning thing of all.

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