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From what I've read, 80% of market capitalization is held by institutions.

Yet every time I read any financial news website, they're always quoting "investors" and the heads of large financial institutions saying things like "OMG the market is so overvalued! We don't know why it's doing this!"

But since those people hold 80% of the capitalization, it's pretty much impossible for large market events to happen without their participation. Obviously they are capable of having things bubble and crash and losing money, yet the 20% who are locked in their houses are not the people who have been behind this stock rebound we have been seeing so far.

Just wanted to vent. I'm onto them :eek:
Saeko wrote:Wait... are you guys saying that the system is rigged!? :eek:

Yeah I guess. They're basically all running around being like "it's overvalued! Sell me your stuff!" And the sheeple are doing it. I think we may be seeing a "W-shaped" recovery for various reasons but these guys are clearly lying. What I'm not sure of is how much of it is an attempt to fleece the "retail" investor and how much it is hatred of Trump.

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