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By Hellas me ponas
The kurds, a people whose traces can be found back to the times of the Achaemenids and Sumerians.
This nation, known from ancient times for their combat capabilities, often were mercenaries or levies to the nations around them.
The kurds satisfied from their position in the empires they served never questioned for an independent kurdish state until quite recently.

Ottoman empire 1830s, Muhammad Ali and his son Ibrahim Pasha, widely known for being the fathers of modern Egypt, openly confronted the Ottoman Sultan. This Arab revolt against foreign rule was the first tickle that would later result to the different Arab Muslim revolutions against Turkish rule at first and then European rule. One of the Muslim peoples who were also affected by that consciousness awakening would be the kurds.

In 1908 the young turks movement founded by apparently young Turkish officers and students, appealed to all these nations (Greeks, Armenians, kurds, Arabs etc) by supporting the ideas of the French revolution. Thus gaining most of the wealthy and influential minorities support the young turks would rapidly gain power and influence within the Empire. Although, after the balkan wars, the young turks did a 180° turn and elected the sovinists in power (whose leader was Mustafa Kemal). This had a great effect on the people living in this area because instead of Freedom and equality, the young turks now started the ethnic "cleansing" of anatolia region.
How are the kurds related?
Very often (almost always) The turks used the Muslim kurdish militias to expel, slaughter and raise the Christians (Greeks, Armenians, assyrians etc).
In 1920s when Kemal slaughtered and sacked the Greek cities in Minor Asia, he used the kurds to do the dirty job once again.
So what did the kurds would gain from doing all this? Kemal had promised the kurds an independent sovereign state...

In 1922 after all the Greeks had been slaughtered out of anatolia and kurds were in no use anymore, they had fulfilled their task, Kemal did the usual 180° turn on them too and instead of giving them independent state, he tried to ethnic cleanse them too.(who would have known right?)

Today, 2020, the kurds still fighting for this independence. They, have even created their own party in Turkey.

Erdogans Turkey, still continues this policy until this very moment. His troops have illegally invaded Northern Syria with the pretext of "hunting terrorists".
Also, he has jailed many of the Kurdish Party members with the pretext again of them being traitors and terrorists.

A whole nation has been painted terrorists.
Kurds aren't the only people's on this one,
Palestinians are also painted terrorists.

West keeps acting like they don't know about all these crimes because Israel and turkey, are their chores boys and do all the dirty work for them in the middle East.

Thus the questions are,
When are we going to wake up?
For how long will we keep nations like turkey and Israel bully the weaker ones?
It's the kurds and Palestinians now but tomorrow Who will be next?

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