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Our allies are opposed to us withdrawing from the Open Skies Treaty. I certainly understand WHY Trump wants to pull out due to Russian non-compliance to the treaty. However, our allies have lobbied hard to get us to stay in the treaty. My mindset on one hand is why should we comply with a treaty the Russians aren't complying with?

On the other hand we also have to take into account the interests and security of our allies too and they probably have good reasons for wanting to stay in the treaty. We certainly need to maintain the support of our allies in the event of future global crisis.

I would probably stay in the treaty out of respect and consideration to our allies. That and the national security experts here in the U.S. advise staying in the treaty and I do like to listen to the experts on such matters:

Nicole Gaouette, Ryan Browne and Vivian Salama of CNN wrote:The Trump administration is preparing to withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty that was designed to reduce the risk of military miscalculations that could lead to war, making it the latest major arms control treaty that the US will abandon under President Donald Trump.

An announcement could be made tomorrow, an administration source tells CNN.

The treaty which was signed in 1992 allows member countries to conduct short-notice, unarmed, reconnaissance flights over the other countries to collect data on military forces and activities.

Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman stopped short of confirming the US is going to withdraw on Thursday, but pointed to Russian non-compliance with the treaty as an issue. The Trump administration is "committed to our treaty obligations, but in this era of great power competition we are looking to advocate for agreements that benefit all sides and that include partners who comply responsibly with their obligations."

The Open Skies Treaty is part of a broad web of arms control agreements meant to ensure stability and predictability on the European continent and reduce the risk of misunderstandings that could spiral into conflict by ensuring transparency.

Bipartisan groups of former national security officials reacted with dismay to the news the US will withdraw, saying that will reduce US leadership in the world, hand Russia a victory and undermine US and global security. ... index.html

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