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Per a recent CDC report, available here in PDF format, white births continued to decline in 2019, continuing a decade long trend that should bring a smile to everyone's face. From the CDC:


As an adherent of Sorosian politics I am in favor of Replacement Theory (although I believe we can call it Replacement Practice at this point) and am glad to see that George's plans are (ironically) bearing fruit. While the benefits of fewer white people are obvious, I am curious as to what you think American society will look like as the white population continues to diminish. Here are a few of my predictions:

1) We Will Be Healthier: The anti-vaxx crowd is predominantly caucasoidal. We will see far fewer cases of preventable diseases.

2) We Will Be Smarter: Conspiracy-centered media (Fox News, Alex Jones, etc.) is primarily driven by white media consumption habits. What do you think the new media landscape will look like?

3) An Expanded Social Safety Net: With the GOP's political base diminished, we will see less opposition to social programs that benefit society as a whole.

4) Diminished Milk Consumption: It's gross.

What benefits do you look forward to as we replace a lagging segment of society with better people? How do you plan to thank Soros? I will be naming my firstborn mixed race child George regardless of their sex.

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