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Modern liberalism. Civil rights and liberties, State responsibility to the people (welfare).
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Wondering what people think of this in terms of a Liberal Democracy. Would you agree with these characteristics?

1. Majority Rule – one vote of equal value, the Government represents the will of the people
2. Regular Elections – with wide choice of candidates
3. Representative Democracy – voters elect reps to represent views
4. Freedom of Speech – “Anti-discrimination Legislation”
5. Freedom of Association – pressure groups etc
6. Pluralism – Power should be distributed between competing groups
7. Freedom of Religion – the freedom to practice respective religious beliefs
8. Equality – equal opportunity to develop potential, equal opportunity to have a say in Govt.
9. Rule of Law – notions – application of law should be consistent, everyone should be treated equal by the system
10. Minority Rights – minorities have representation even with a Majority Rule
11. Constitutionalism – checks and balances put on government (Federal system is a check on power); Consultation and Cooperation – Bicameral system – dispersion of power
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By Ombrageux
Those are some of the important aspects, yes.

Probably the key, sometimes contradictory principles are:
- The Will of the Majority
- The Rights of the Minority
- Security from government (that's where most civil liberties get their justifications from)
By Monkeydust
Also bear in mind that, in Liberal democracy, Liberalism is the dominant partner.
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By Comrade Ogilvy
Ehh, what part of the U.S. is a "republic" don't you understand? I know this confuses alot of people, but we're about as much of a "democracy" as England.. Sure we have a president, but he serves more as a face, he's like an abassador but with more flare..

Why do you think our pledge of alleigance has "and to the republic"?

Not that I'm particularly happy with that. The house of congress is full of morons who don't care about anyone. But that's what this country is based on..
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