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By Vassili Zaitsev
I was wondering if anyone knows of any modern day celebrities who are Communists? It would be interesting to know what modern day superstars out there support the Communist system. Just out of curiosity anyway.
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By Sheep...
alot say they do, and alot of them are also vegetarians....but what does that mean?
being a celebrity and a communist seems somewhat funny, unless ur talking scientific or maybe and author.
By ahab
I'm not too big on this whole celebrities in politics thing. Many celebrities (actors, singers) are famous for their talent, not for their ability to think. In politics and the like the only value in that most celebrities have is their speaking or public appearance ability.

but I'm probably speaking to the chior anways... i needed to get that out of my system.

With the stigma that communism has (in the US and elsewhere) you'll be very hard pressed to find a publicly communist celebrity. Look up Joe McCarthy and some of the people he persecuted for communism (and a good share falsely). There were some celebrities in that bunch, but after he got done with them they never got a mainstream job again.
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By redstar2000
Celebrities, by definition, are "rich and famous", the lucky winners of capitalism's lottery.

It would be difficult to imagine what appeal communism could possibly have for such folks...even when, as is sometimes the case, they come from working class backgrounds.

On the other hand, some of them are, I'm sure, quite sincere in their bourgeois liberalism.

By Sandino
The most famous (in the west) Communists that I can think of off the top of my head are Paul Robeson, W.E.B. Dubois, and Jean-Paul Sartre.

There are a lot of famous people who call themselves "socialists," but real communists don't usually end up being very famous.
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By Comrade Ally
And unless you're a scholar, you likely have never heard of Robeson, Du Bois or Sartre. Robeson and Du Bois also happened to be African-American, which did not endear them to American society .... both lived out the end of their lives elsewhere and were active in anti-colonialist activities in Africa.
By Erik of NKP
Tom Morello from the earlier Rage Against the Machine is a commie! Except he doesn't say it directly, which isn't weird considered he's American.
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By Adrien
Well, leftist celebrities are quite common, as it's even quite traditional for artists (writers, humorists, musicians) to be leftist.

However, "communist celebrities" are quite rare, because like it was said, the two words are in contradiction, as long as you take "celebrities" in the sense of "rich and famous". Because celebrities in the "famous" sense alone can live normally.
By Erik of NKP
You don't need to be rich to be famous. The thing is that you often get rich when you're famous. :p

But anyhow, there have been throughout our modern history, and still are "celeberties" who are/were socialists/commnists.

The interesting thing is that if the bourgeoise first fails in attempting to make these people unpopular and/or forgotten, they then seem to do everything they can to remove the fact that these people were communists.

An example of this, from Norwegian history as the famous writer and poet Nordahl Grieg from the second world war. He became very popular and couldn't simply be "erased". So now, instead, bourgeoise historians, journalists etc are trying to do everything they can do blow off the fact that he was a communist. They say that he was just mislead and so forth. It isn't surprising that they do this, I mean, it's unheard of having a COMMIE as a national hero, isn't it?! :knife:
By The Red Goblin
Perhaps he was more "Utopian Socialist" than Communist. He is certainly more dead than alive :*(

.......but consider singer/songwriter John Lennon. Especially his song "Imagine" off his first solo album in his post-Beatles career (1971). There are definate Communist influences here. And I recall seeing him wearing a Mao hat during the 60's.
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By Adrien
Well, wasn't Imagine even quoted on a page of Soviet-Empire?

If even our great leader and teacher Fox chose it... :)
By Erik of NKP
Perhaps he was more "Utopian Socialist" than Communist. He is certainly more dead than alive

Why do you say this? This was absolutely NOT the case, Nordahl Grieg was a great hero, and I am PROUD to say that he was a great communist! :)
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