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JENA, La. - A white supremacist group will be allowed to hold a rally here on Martin Luther King Day without posting a $10,000 bond after a federal judge questioned the constitutionality of the law requiring the bond, officials said Friday.

The Nationalist Movement, based in Learned, Miss., wants to protest a march held last September to support the Jena 6, a group of black teenagers charged in the beating of a white schoolmate on Dec. 4, 2006, as he walked out of Jena High School's gym headed to a class.

The September rally drew thousands in support of the teenagers.

The predominantly white town of about 3,000 in central Louisiana wanted the Nationalist Movement, which calls itself a "pro-majority" group, to post the bond and meet other restrictions ahead of its requested Jan. 21 rally.

The group challenged the ordinance in federal court and a judge indicated during pre-trial conferences that the city ordinance was constitutionally "faulty," Mayor Murphy R. McMillin said.

Town counsel Walter E. Dorroh Jr. said the ordinance "puts an undue burden on the First Amendment Rights of indigent persons, and indigent organizations, such as the Nationalist Movement."

Towns are permitted to have ordinances for groups wanting to protest or march, Dorroh said. If they require a bond, however, it must have a provision to set it aside for indigent groups or have an appeal process, Dorroh said. Jena's ordinance did not, he said.

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus have called on Gov. Kathleen Blanco to pardon Mychal Bell and the five other teenagers known as the "Jena 6." Bell, 17, was sentenced to 18 months in a juvenile facility on Dec. 3 for his role in the assault. He is serving a separate 18-month sentence for previous juvenile charges unrelated to the Barker dispute.

Charges against the others are pending.
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By Lightman

Now...these people have their rights. But... :roll: protests like this I always find to be imposing on other people's rights to use roads.
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By Potemkin
Why should other people stop using the roads just because these assholes are walking on them? Let's recreate 'Grand Theft Auto', for real.... :muha1:
By Zyx
Too bad Grand Theft Auto has to do with stealing cars Potemkin.
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By Potemkin
You can use the cars to mow down pedestrians. You get extra points if you run over a Grand Wizard. 8)
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By Eauz
Potemkin wrote:You can use the cars to mow down pedestrians.
That doesn't sound like a game Qatz would approve. Nevertheless, I heard that there is a shortage in labour in certain sectors of the economy. What about setting up labour camps? Canada did that in the 1920's and 30's. Then at least they can be productive to society. :muha1:
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By Noelnada
Pff why so much prejudices against the White minorities marching peacefully for their rights :hmm:

White supremacists are people like you and me, no need to hate them or make silly jokes about them. This racism must stop !!
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By KurtFF8
Whites aren't a minority in most of those states and certainly not the nation, what the hell are you talking about?

They even call themselves a "pro-majority" group, had you read the article.
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By siddhartha
Lets have a communist minorities march, or better yet a neo-nazi freedom of speech march.

I guess they have their right to freedom of speech, but I still dont like the idea at all.
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By Noelnada
Whites aren't a minority in most of those states and certainly not the nation, what the hell are you talking about?

They even call themselves a "pro-majority" group, had you read the article.

Ha because they call themselves the majority mean that White supremacists are the majority?

Learn to make the difference between a subjective reality and an objective reality my bourgeois friend.
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By Noelnada
correction, white anglo-saxon protestants are the majority.

Irish, Italians, etc. minorities.

Be careful when you use the term 'white'

I meant discolored people. :lol:
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By Oxymoron
SO one has a problem with Black supremacist Sharpton doing the same huh?
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By Nets
I hope a counter-march of ten times as many pro-tolerance and civil rights marchers ruin the day for the fucking bigots.

Sickening. These people are the Scum of America, and we should vomit them from our midst.

I think the Jena6 Issue is all media hoopla anyway, but that doesn't make these racist assholes right.
By Zyx
Oxymoron do not be an idiot. Al Sharpton is not a Black Supremacist.
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By Rancid
as disgusted as i am... they do have the right to "protest"
By Zyx
Rancid . . . you are SOOO full of yourself.

The whole of us know that they have a "right."

You adding that just goes to show how much you approve . . . though you will likely say you do not.

Rancid, if I took a snapshot of these people, would I see you in the picture?
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By Nets
Oxymoron do not be an idiot. Al Sharpton is not a Black Supremacist.

Agreed, he is not a Black Supremacist. Just an opportunistic, narrow-minded buffoon.

Al Sharpton should have disappeared from public sight after this circus. I'll also never forgive him for his role in the Crown Heights Riots.
By Zyx
NetsNJFan87 wrote:Just an opportunistic, narrow-minded buffoon.

Al Sharpton is brilliant . . . I cannot speak towards this case nor whether or not he was wrong, but he has a good character and he's fighting for a good team.

Don't hate.

Name 5 other Black Leaders who advocate Black Consciousness and Black Progression, and then compare their popularity to Sharpton on a logarithmic scale, meaning -1, would be 1/10 his popularity and 2 would be 100x.

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