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how many killed by capitalism

200 million+
100 million+
50 million+
10 million+
1 million+
100 million seems to be a popular figure for the number of people killed by communism but how many have died because of capitalism?
Edit- 'How many people have been killed in the name of advancing capitalism?' was suggested as a more correct question.
Edit - 'How people have been killed by capitalist regimes?' was suggested as an easier question.
Edit - 'Specify how many people were killed by the circumstances brought on by this specific economic system,capitalism, and that would include political power?' was suggested as a more difficult question
Edit - It has been agreed that 'How many killed by capitalism?' was a flawed question.
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By ingliz
Why not?Posters of a right 'persuasion' are always bandying figures of the communust dead to show how bad a system it is.I have purposely omitted 'other' as you are either dead or alive there is no 'other'.
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By Noelnada
Billions in the past, billions in the future.
By Mazhi
Capitalism has killed a lot more people than communism.
By Goranhammer
Capitalism has killed a lot more people than communism.


An African kid dies because of the evils of capitalism, but people dying from the October Revolution, Great Leap Forward, and the Khmer Rouge were just "victims of circumstance".

What a fucking idiotic way to look at the world.
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By ingliz
The right is fond of quoting figures but seem to forget that this argument cuts both ways.I believe both systems are responsible for countless deaths but if you think the body count is all that matters when judging ideologies then capitalism is the worst by far.
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By Oxymoron
Capitalism has killed a lot more people than communism

If I am not mistaken that statement is false since Communism never existed in any Nation.
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By Annatar
Capitalism(and any other economic system for that matter) doesn't kill people, people do.
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By ingliz
Oxymoron - No this statement true;If you believe communism has never existed and you blame capitalism for even one death .....I'll let you work it out
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By Mazhi
If I am not mistaken that statement is false since Communism never existed in any Nation.

If this is so, the statement is even more true.

Those of you who voted for 0, read this: ... lism-kills
By Mazhi
:eh: I've never killed anyone.
By Manuel
This question makes no sense. Economic systems don't kill anyone, they're economics. Politics is what kills people.

The Great Leap Forward was primarily a political movement. The people that died in that movement are not victims of communism, capitalism, or whateever-ism, they are victims of the Great Leap Forward.

Some kid dies in the Congo? It's not capitalism. It's the guerilla war that have destroyed countless fields.

Some worker drops dead in a factory? There are no factories in communism? Workers don't die in communism? What?

People die, whether its 1917, or 1776. Politics kills them, not economics.
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By ingliz
Everything action and every thought is political:ALL is politics.
By Manuel
Blame the leaders, not their economics.

Pinochet killed people, not capitalism.

Stalin killed people, not communism.

Theories can't kill. They are metaphysical objects. They cannot hold guns.
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By The Eternal Commie
^ is correct, and a better question would be "how many people were killed in the name of advancing [insert ideology/economic system/theory]."
By Goranhammer
Theories can't kill. They are metaphysical objects. They cannot hold guns.

While I completely agree with you, leftists are notorious for attempting to (mis)place blame on anything and everything. Except themselves.

Evreything is someone else's fault. The mantra of the liberal.
By Mazhi
Goranhammer has just illustrated to us the overgeneralization fallacy. Thank you, Goran.
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By ingliz
commie that is a better question but I am stuck unless we all agree as I cant edit.
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