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what group of people do you feel has suffered the most?

Native Americans
African Americans
other (explain)
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By Oxymoron
Obviously I will say the Jews.

We been enslaved, we been invaded, we been exiled, we been prosecuted, we been almost exterminated. No one got more suffering then the Hebrew Nation.
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By W01f
Other: Both African Americans and Native Africans.
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By Adam_Smith

That groups of people suffer is a delusion. Groups do not have senses or nerves or brains, only flesh and blood individuals do and only they are capable of suffering.

The only reason people claim that groups suffer is that individuals who have not themselves suffered from certain events want to claim some sort of recompense or entitlement based on their membership in a group some of whose members have suffered from those events.
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By ingliz
Other- I don't think you can parcel up suffering into neat ethnic bundles. Humans suffer individually and you cannot say their suffering is less because their neighbour is not suffering.
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By Kapanda
^^ Of course you can! If individuals suffer, than the group with the most individuals that have suffered the most is the group that has suffered the most.

This question is hard to answer, but I kind of incline towards Native Americans, they almost got wiped out. Though history is not a subject I'm very strong on.
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By Todd D.
Native Americans (which were as homogeneous a unit as "Whites") have almost completely been wiped off the face of the Earth thanks to the Westerners. Those that remained were given shit conditions.

I thought I heard somewhere that something like 90% of all Native Americans are gone, is that true? That shit puts the Holocaust to shame.
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By Rancid
I thought I heard somewhere that something like 90% of all Native Americans are gone, is that true? That shit puts the Holocaust to shame.

if you count only pure native (i.e. remove people that are interracial with native american).. that's probably true
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By sazerac
Native Americans suffered mostly from bacterial diseases, not from their fellow man.
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By NoRapture
I think white, Christian, men, between the ages of 30 and 65, have suffered the most by far. I mean, we made this world what it is today. And what do we get? A bunch of sass and bullshit. Extermination and enslavement are cruel legacies, sure. But try living with a bunch of whining and disrespect just because of the assumptions people make about your white, Christian, skin. And your flag lapel. And your Escalade.
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By pikachu
A Gay, Jewish, part Native-American, part African-American individual.

What about a gay, muslim, quebec canadian individual?
How much has he suffered? :lol:
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By Annatar
Other: Samaritans
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By Dolphin
Native Americans - but only if we're talking North America.

Kind of a no-brainer, the only racial group I can think of who 1. have been practically wiped off the face of the planet 2. had their 'nation' completely stolen from them.
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By Kapanda
Your 2nd point is not exactly correct. Think about the reason why there are so many tribal conflicts within some African nations, and why you have so many different dialects within African nations. Only we fought back for our land (and in some circumstances given back).
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By Rancid
Native Americans were also not one homogeneous group.

They wared with each other as well.
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By Dolphin
Kapanda, Africa was royally fucked up by the colonial powers. White men came in, took over and carved it up for themselves, making boarders where there really shouldn't of been boarders. What they didn't do is systematically employ a policy of massacre with the aim not to subdue the native populace, but to destroy it.

But there was not an option for Africans, just African Americans....which i assumed was aimed at their treatment before, during and after the civil rights movement.

If there was a choice of Africans, thinking about it now I would of picked them. Obviously the African people have suffered, and continue to suffer in part from the actions of Colonial Europe more than the small number of remaining Native Americans.

RancidWannaRiot wrote:Native Americans were also not one homogeneous group.

They wared with each other as well.

Yup, they were human weren't they?

Doesn't make what happened to them any less shocking and barbaric.
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