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Flame Warriors: Glossary
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NOTE: For a more complete explanation of Netiquette go to the Netiquette Home Page.

1. v. The act of simultaneously sending identical or almost identical e mail messages to multiple discussion forums.

1. The vast collection of newsgroups, mailing lists, bulletin boards, chat rooms and web sites that make up the internet. 2. The social structure, resources and customs of the internet.

1. abbrv. Frequently Asked Questions. A description of a forum's terms of service, etiquette rules and notes on its general purpose and outlook. New forum members are expected to familiarize themselves with the FAQs before participating in forum discussions.

1. n. A hostile, often unprovoked, message directed at a participant of an internet discussion forum. The content of the message typically disparages the intelligence, sanity, behavior, knowledge, character, or ancestry of the recipient. 2. v. The act of sending a hostile message on the internet. 3. adj. Having the character of a flame, as in, flame war.

Flame war
1. n. An extended exchange of flames between one or more participants in an internet forum, usually characterized by increasing levels of hostility.

Flame warrior
1. n. One who actively flames, or willingly participates in a flame war.

1. n. An e mail utility that blocks unwanted messages.

1. The manners, customs and established proceedures of internet culture and discourse. For a more complete description of Netiquette rules, click here.

1. n. Someone who newly joins a discussion forum. 2. A person with limited internet or discussion forum experience. 3. n. A rookie.

1. n. A citizen of cyberspace.

1. v. The act of cross-posting to promote a commercial or personal agenda. Sometimes these messages will be altered slightly to give the appearance of being relevant to the forum topic. 2. n. Cross-posted e mail messages sent to promote a commercial or personal agenda.

Urban legend
1. n. A palpably implausible rumor propagated on the internet.

About the author:

Mike Reed is a veteran of many flame wars and has been often wounded in battle. He has retired as an active Flame Warrior, but continues to serve in an advisory capacity.

Mike Reed
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