Whisper maintains a benign demeanour and carefully avoids open conflict. When aroused, however, she will send vigorous attacks to sympathetic forum participants via private e mail in an attempt to sway the tide of battle. A typical Whisper maneuver is to “accidentally” post an ambiguously critical, but ostensibly private message to the discussion forum, e.g., “Dear Mary – see what I mean about this guy?” Or, “John – did you read what Bill said? I rest my case!” When challenged she will protest (disingenuously) that she hit the “reply” key by mistake, that the message was never intended to be read by forum participants, that the message was out of context, etc. Whisper’s intent is to gain a tactical advantage by leaving the impression that her side in the conflict is gathering heavy forces just over the horizon, and though transparently obvious to veteran Warriors, this feint can often blunt a successful attack by less experienced fighters.

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