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No unread posts Today's News
Talk about what you've seen in the news today.
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Re: Elon Musk may be planning…
by Godstud
28 Nov 2022 02:29
No unread posts Political Circus
All general discussion about politics that doesn't belong in any of the other forums.
Moderator: PoFo Political Circus Mods Subforums International Relations & Conflict, Direct Action
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Re: America's Dangerous Obses…
by Fasces
28 Nov 2022 01:49
No unread posts Opinion Polls
Polls on politics, news, current affairs and history.
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Re: Should Social Media Compa…
by ckaihatsu
17 Nov 2022 15:27
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No unread posts Europe
Political issues and parties in Europe's nation states, the E.U. & Russia.
Moderator: PoFo Europe Mods
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Re: Rising food prices hit th…
by ness31
27 Nov 2022 23:53
No unread posts North America
Political issues and parties in the USA and Canada.
Moderator: PoFo North America Mods
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Re: US midterms 2022
by Rancid
27 Nov 2022 20:04
No unread posts Latin America
Political issues and parties from Mexico to Argentina.
Moderator: PoFo Latin America Mods
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Ruben Blades and his music
by Tainari88
12 Oct 2022 14:19
No unread posts Asia & Australasia
Political issues and parties from Japan to Turkmenistan to New Zealand.
Moderator: PoFo Asia & Australasia Mods Subforums China, India, Australia
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Armenians Protest Moscow Boss…
by litwin
23 Nov 2022 20:51
No unread posts Middle East
Political issues and parties in the nations of the Middle East.
Moderator: PoFo Middle-East Mods Subforum Israel & Palestine
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Re: Afghanistan: Nine women l…
by ness31
23 Nov 2022 06:36
No unread posts Africa
Political issues and parties in the nations of Africa.
Moderator: PoFo Africa Mods
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Re: Woman in South Africa: "R…
by Godstud
28 Sep 2022 13:49
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No unread posts Economics & Capitalism
"It's the economy, stupid!"
Moderator: PoFo Economics & Capitalism Mods Subforum Credit & Debt
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Re: Today's Inflation Surge S…
by Rancid
27 Nov 2022 23:10
No unread posts Environment & Science
Pollution, global warming, urbanisation etc.
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Re: 3rd IPCC report out today…
by Pants-of-dog
25 Nov 2022 19:29
No unread posts Morals & Ethics
For discussion of moral and ethical issues.
Subforum Law, Justice, Crime & Punishment
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Re: Police shoot at police fo…
by pugsville
26 Nov 2022 12:16
No unread posts Health & Education
Provision of the two UN HDI indicators other than GNP.
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Re: The Wuhan virus—how are w…
by SpecialOlympian
27 Nov 2022 23:41
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No unread posts Conservatism
Traditional 'common sense' values and duty to the state.
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Re: How are authentic traditi…
by ckaihatsu
24 Nov 2022 14:35
No unread posts Liberalism
Modern liberalism. Civil rights and liberties, State responsibility to the people (welfare).
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Re: 8 Billlion Are Liberals o…
by late
18 Nov 2022 14:27
No unread posts Libertarianism
Classical liberalism. The individual before the state, non-interventionist, free-market based society.
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Re: Welcome in Hell
by ckaihatsu
25 Nov 2022 20:38
No unread posts Socialism
As either the transitional stage to communism or legitimate socio-economic ends in its own right.
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Re: Why do people not underst…
by Truth To Power
23 Oct 2022 15:54
No unread posts Communism
Workers of the world, unite! Then argue about Trotsky and Stalin for all eternity...
Subforum Marxist Analysis
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Re: Althusser
by Wellsy
24 Nov 2022 21:28
No unread posts Other Ideologies
Any other minor ideologies.
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How Nasser defeated National …
by KhawarezmLLC
19 Oct 2022 03:20
No unread posts Paternalism & Corporatism
The non-democratic state: Platonism, Fascism, Theocracy, Monarchy etc.
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Re: My Manifesto: Techno Phar…
by starman2003
31 Oct 2022 15:11
No unread posts Technocracy
The solving of mankind’s problems and abolition of government via technological solutions alone.
Moderator: Kolzene
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Re: Retro Futurism
by Odiseizam
03 Oct 2022 11:50
No unread posts Anarchism
The 'no government' movement.
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Re: Your Vote Matters!
by Morgan Le Fey
10 Nov 2022 02:19
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No unread posts The Agora (philosophy)
For the discussion of Philosophy. Discuss thought from Socrates to the Enlightenment and beyond!
Moderator: PoFo Agora Mods Subforum Spirituality
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Re: I Reject, I Affirm. ''Rai…
by annatar1914
27 Nov 2022 01:51
No unread posts History
Those who do not remember the past are condemned to relive it. Note: nostalgia *is* allowed.
Subforums Ancient, Middle Ages, Early Modern, WWI, Inter-War, WWII, Post War
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Re: The American Civil War, d…
by Doug64
27 Nov 2022 15:06
No unread posts Literature & Art
Discuss literary and artistic creations, or post your own poetry, essays etc.
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Re: Self clarification
by Wellsy
26 Nov 2022 14:42
No unread posts Sociology
All sociological topics not appropriate or suited to other areas of the board.
Subforum Media
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Re: Do academic even read ori…
by Rancid
09 Nov 2022 01:46
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No unread posts Gorkiy Park
OFF TOPIC forum for all non-political discussion, general chatter etc.
30802 Topics 
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by Rancid
28 Nov 2022 00:47
No unread posts Satire
Political and non-political satire; all those terribly biased analogies live here.
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Re: A Letter to the US from J…
by Godstud
20 Jul 2022 07:01
No unread posts Conspiracy Theories
Theories and happenings too odd for the main forums.
1829 Topics 
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Bush's indefinite denial repe…
by KhawarezmLLC
20 Nov 2022 09:43
No unread posts Sports & Hobbies
Sports, Hobbies and all things unrelated to Politics.
Moderator: PoFo The Lounge Mods
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Re: Race War Simulator Enthus…
by Rancid
27 Nov 2022 23:42
No unread posts Science & Technology
Anything from household gadgets to the Large Hadron Collider (note: political science topics belong in the Environment & Science forum).
Moderator: PoFo The Lounge Mods Subforums Military Hardware & Armed Forces, Cars and Trucks and Things that GO!
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Re: Printer is offline...
by Rich
07 Nov 2022 20:24
No unread posts The Lobby - Welcome!
Please introduce yourself here.
Subforum Signatures & Avatars
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Re: 167: Merchants disguised …
by QatzelOk
28 Oct 2022 16:29
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No unread posts Admin Soapbox (announcements)
Important (or trivial) information of news and updates to our discussion board is posted here.
Moderator: Administrators PoFo
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by noemon
27 Apr 2021 08:48
No unread posts The Basement
Questions, comments, ideas and suggested improvements for the politics forum.
8538 Topics 
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by QatzelOk
08 Nov 2022 16:47

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