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Mild necroposting has been permitted because it has always been mild but since it is growing into a bane it will no longer be tolerated.

Moderators are therefore advised to initially move necroposts into stand-alone threads and for repeat offenders to hand out official warnings if said posters continue the practice.

Mission Statement

The Politics Forum Mission Statement

Our mission at the Politics Forum is to provide a well moderated platform that is conducive to intelligent and informed discussion of politically important issues.

Our vision is to create and promote greater understanding between people from around the world of diverse backgrounds and beliefs who may not otherwise communicate with each other.

The forum welcomes users from the entire political spectrum, who will often disagree fundamentally on many issues concerning the world we live in. However, our hope is that by providing a forum of this nature - that promotes thoughtful, respectful communication - even when people cannot agree with each other, each side will at least come to a greater understanding of the others' point of view and reasoning, thus dispelling ignorance about the views of others. As the political spectrum is becoming more and more polarised, the "establishment" media and the "alternative" media are drawing further away from each other creating echo-chambers within themselves turning people into ideological fans rather than rational citizens. Our greatest priority is to dismantle these artificial battle-lines and invite laymen & pundits to consider the opposing points of view.

Whilst we will not solve the world's problems, we still feel it to be a worthwhile endeavour. We have seen here many instances of members diametrically opposed to each other on political matters, that have by communicating on this forum at least come to respect each other as people. Such understanding, in a very small way does help to make the world a better place, as it dispels some of the hate and ignorance which leads to so much of our world's conflict.

Our values are the core thinking behind documents like the forum rules and all discussion on the forum should aim to keep them in mind:

Understanding - To allow members to educate and enlighten themselves on the questions and issues of importance to the world and ultimately understand each other, without necessarily agreeing with each other.

Respect - The Politics Forum is not a "free speech" forum where anything goes. It is intended as a forum environment where users must at least show a minimum degree of respect for each other irrespective of political differences. We feel that respect for others is something widely lacking elsewhere on the Internet, but is an essential prerequisite to creating an environment conducive to understanding and community.

Community - The Politics Forum is itself a diverse community. Seeking to further the sense of community on the forum helps to improve understanding as it broadens the scope of interaction between members beyond political differences and helps members to realise their common interests as people.

Tolerance - What is beyond the boundaries of acceptability and is totally impermissible on this forum is pure unadulterated hate that calls for extermination and evades dialogue. This forum is no place for calling for the eradication of racial and religious groups by violence and murder. It is our belief that such extreme intolerant hate speech is entirely incompatible with reasoned discussion, as it rules out from the start the possibility of understanding or respect for others.
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