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Excess Time wrote:How do you define hatred?

A passionate desire to destroy something ?

Zam 8)
It is, on many occasions.
Like I hate Ba'athists, outside an objective political view on them, I on a personal level despise Ba'athists and all they represent, even the new ones.
Is it justified for me to hate them ? Ofcourse it is, look at their history, look at their actions and ideology(fascism, real fascism not just name calling) , they're genocidal criminals who killed 100s of thousands of people and tormented millions and still are, and they subjected the country I love (Lebanon) to a brutal military occupation for over 20 years.
Even if someone, personally, didn't participate in the crimes or the subjugation of people by them, just supporting them or their ideology is more the sufficient reason for them to be hated.

The only reason any decent human being should tolerate them now is because they're busy fighting radical Salafists whom are probably one of the few groups that are objectively worse than Ba'athists.

So here you go, a very reasonable and justified hatred and also probably form of discrimination.
Hate is only justified when someone harms you, or someone you love.

I do not often feel strong emotion, but certainly I have felt hatred before. I don't think asking whether naturally felt emotions are justified is a framing we should be willing to accept. As has been stated, it is how we respond to the emotion that is critical. Then again, I don't think I've ever genuinely hated another person before, so perhaps my opinion is not useful as I don't have much of a point of reference.
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Agent Steel wrote:
I'm genuinely interested to know how to answer this question.

Not sure there is a answer.

Whenever there are a lot of young males in a society, you've got trouble.

I'm a Boomer, been there, done that.

One of the problems in the Middleast that goes unmentioned is that they usually have both a massive number of young males, and half the jobs they'd need to keep them busy.

(Btw, women have testosterone, just not as much)
Godstud wrote:Hate is only justified when someone harms you, or someone you love.

This is exactly where my hate comes from. I personally might not give too much of a damn to China but it causes most of my contemporaries, friends and family feel threatened, in terms of both freedom and security -- a place with no freedom is a place with no security, because any wicked people can take it away out of spite, using the governmental machine.
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