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For those of you who believe a child in the womb has no memory of what's happening, you may want to read this.

While it's true that the brains inside babies are still developing and they don't have the context to piece together all the things they are seeing and feeling, I believe that what happens in early development can get buried deep into the subconscious.

I was a survivor of abortion. I can remain silent no more
United States

One day when I was in third grade, my mom and dad asked me to sit down for a talk. They began by saying that since I was very little, my parents always found me sleeping curled tightly in the fetal position, buried in the covers and always to one side of the bed.

I had a recurring nightmare of being trapped in a room with a window blocked by a knife, and they said they often found me talking to my "other self."

My mom said she thought these were signs telling her to confess something she had done and hoped I would forgive her.

She told me how she had found herself pregnant. She had been pressured especially by a particular friend to abort because she was too old and it would be "ridiculous" at her age, to have a baby. This was 1952. She was about 3 months pregnant.

She started to cry and could hardly continue. "He was a perfect little baby boy."

She cried to heaven on that cold bathroom floor and asked God to forgive her. She flushed her little son down the toilet and said she lay on the cold floor crying until she was numb.

Later, she still felt pregnant. The doctor said that it was probably a tumor or an ulcer. But then in the beginning of September that year, I kicked her! The doctor was amazed that I had been a hiding twin and survived the abortion attempt.

from the Silent No More Awareness site: ... px?ID=1150

Apparently some people can remember very early experiences in their life.

I don't remember specific detail but I do remember a feeling of being stuck in a tight place and not able to breathe. All through my childhood I had terrifying nightmares about being stuck in this place, but i couldn't explain to anyone what the nightmare was about. It came as no surprise to me to learn as an adult that I was born with the umbilical cord around my neck, alarms ringing and had to be taken away and revived. My mother thought I was going to die.

Camilla, Copenhagen, Denmark

Our first child spooked us when he was small, by telling us the first thing he remembered was a white window opening and a man reaching for him. He was born by Caesarian, unknown to him at the time.

Mike Whittaker, Peplow

I can't remember being born, but I can clearly remember, both visually and aurally, things from being about 2 months old. I can even 'smell' the lining of my pram, and I could take you round a house we left when I was 3 months old and to which I have never returned. Last week or yesterday, however - you've got me there ...

Prof. Feliz Forde-Bennett, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

I don't remember being born or being in the womb, even if I try really hard, but I do remember being in an incubator when I was a couple of days old (I was premature and had jaundice) and I had a cloth over my eyes because of the bright light I had to have on my skin. This is the earliest I can remember and my next memory doesn't occur until I was between the ages of 2 and 3 when I was at preschool and it was naptime but I was told off for talking.

Zara , Berkshire U

My daughter was 18 months old when I was 4 months pregnant with my son. I was showing my mother the scan picture and my daughter told us "When I was in mummy's tummy it was dark and warm, and I used to suck my thumb". My mother said afterwards this sent shivers down her spine as in my early childhood I told her I used to try to kick my way out of her tummy because I could hardly move. I said my head hurt a lot & it wasn`t until the incident with my daughter that she told me I'd had a forceps birth & this could account for the pain I experienced.

Caz Bell, Hull England

To this day I can recall the moments after my birth. I remember a white room and someone very large holding me and taking me to a table. I felt a pinch on the tip of my penis. I remember trying to turn over so the pain would go away and heard some one speaking hastily. I could not understand the words being said but it felt negative. I know this to be a memory because I thought it was a dream when I was about 2 or 3 then I found out what a circumcision was at around 7 or 8. My theory is that the person speaking hastily in a negative tone was my grandmother asking the doctor not to circumcise me. I may be wrong but this image or memory has been with me since before I could remember anything else. I am glad to see many people have memories from the same time.

Jon Brooklyn, NY USA

Possible to remember your Birth? More than likely but probably only with very few people. I can clearly remember being around 2-3 weeks old, being bottle fed. I even remember the teat of the bottle and can even remember the soothing feel of "gumming" it. I also have memories of around 5 weeks, being held on Mum's shoulder, her patting my back and me playing with Mum's earrings. My memories range from my early days and weeks to my early months. The memories are perfectly clear too. I can remember sitting in my baby-chair sucking on my feet while Snooker was on the TV. I must have been maybe a month old. My earliest memories though are of inside the womb. I don't remember my birth, but I can clearly remember being blind, not seeing darkness though, I remember having no sight, in a warm bath-like environment surrounded by the sound of a heartbeat and I can remember the muffled sound of voices and speech beats and the like and the pattern of Mum's voice. Muffled of course. These memories are absolutely clear to me, not fabricated through imagination or had connections made through the education of being alive. I have clear memories of blindness and being in that warm touch-and-sound-sensitive-only environment. I am now 32.

Dougie Millward, Telford England ... 99,00.html

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