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Sandzak wrote:
RNA is also a code. There is a law in informatics no code without a codewriter.

Biology is not informatics, nor is it constrained in any way by informatics.

You're assuming your conclusion, there are less subtle ways of saying that...
@late OK. According mathematics if 100 monkeys would for unlimted time type randomly on typewriters they would once write Shakespeare's Hamlet with every point and comma.

But I still believe in God because Newton said the universe has laws where come this laws.


2-4 Billion Years are to short to get a working RNA code perhaps panspermia theory is right.
Unthinking Majority wrote:I'm sure a scientist can explain it and i'm 100% sure a priest has no evidence a supernatural being created DNA.

If science is yet unable to explain something that doesn't mean God did it.


You know Potemkin, I just want you to know, that I have "thoughts and prayers" for you. :lol: Didn't you get the memo that "thoughts and prayers" is the solution to all problems!? And if we just have "thoughts and prayers" you know problems will just fix themselves! :lol:
Why do you think evolution is "100 monkeys typing randomly"? Biological evolution can be better viewed as an emergent property of the laws of chemistry.
There was an experiment, a student simulated the early earth, he put in a huge bottle half filled of water + minerals and the other half CO2 and nitrogene. UV lamp and small lightnings... after a few weaks aminoacids evolved.

ingliz wrote:Why do you think evolution is "100 monkeys typing randomly"? Biological evolution can be better viewed as an emergent property of the laws of chemistry.

But evolution is random mutation this where the stronger mutation survives. (coincidence)

Btw Darwin was not the first who said the fittest/strongest survives, it was Osman Beg (the father of the Ottoman dynasty)
The thread started with subjective preconceived generalizations of what atheists believe. It lost me at the first sentence because of that. The entire premises and context became a rationalization to engage in preconceived stereotypes. If I want know to what an atheist thinks thanks I will ask one. These threads posed as intellectual discourse to rationalize generalizing atheists for me lime all such stereotyping threads are pointless. Thank you.

As for your points on spirituality and science not necessarily being dettached I agree but not based on stereotyping atheists but my own interpretation of fractal theory which is a bit of both. That said I am a primate period. Save the political or other labels. I have fleas, kill indiscriminately, over estimate my intelligence and shit and piss in what I drink and eat, tend to rape, destroy, put dirty chemicals into the ecosphere. Those are all the scabies you need to understand what I am about. I smell and am not nice to other life on the planet. Until I get my act together I am just a pain in the ass. Thank you.

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