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Received wisdom has it that the importance of religion wanes as material prosperity increases. The following charts shows the percentage of people who think that moral conduct depends on one's religious believes.

Unsurprisingly, the percentages are lowest in developed countries, while religious beliefs are still strong in emerging economies. Unsurprisingly also, the figures are exceptionally high in the Philippines and Muslim countries. What did surprise me is the high percentage in Brazil and the low percentage in Poland.

Another factor influencing belief in God is the level of education in a country.



The Global God Divide
Godstud wrote:The greater the lack in education, the greater one thinks morality has to do with religion.

This is true, of course, but your statement seems to carry the implicit assumption that "education" always means more wisdom and correct knowledge.

Of course, if we were to look at those educated in religious schools, compared to those who are not, we would very likely find that those with this education think morality has more to do with religion. So in a likewise manner, we could extend this view to all education in general.
Certainly it was true that those more educated in the Soviet Union were more likely to believe in the Atheist and Communist ideologies being pushed in those schools.

But I do think there may be something inherent in people's material conditions shaping their religious views.
When everything is good and people can provide for themselves, and have a likely path of career prosperity in front of them, they may be less likely to feel they need a God.
Godstud wrote:I am talking about education, not indoctrination. Education encourages critical thinking. Indoctrination suppresses it.

Certain kinds of education mate in certain places at certain times. Irrationality has even crept into the life sciences now, where they're discouraging critical thinking in core topics like biology. It has gotten to a point where uneducated tradies are more rational day-day than certain postgraduates. Severe indoctrination can creep up on ya in the unlikeliest of places. Established Institutions are a hell of a drug.
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