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By Rich
Few seem to notice the irony of Scotland law to ban criticism of the trans agenda with conscription in Ukraine based on traditional and immutable gender, but if you do decide you need conscription how should you implement it?

It strikes me that if you do have conscription it should apply to everyone within the appropriate age group. All men, all women. The idea that you should send some men off for long periods to risk their lives in the jungles of South East Asia, while others are free to go hippy rock concerts smoke dope and get laid, strikes me as completely unworkable long term and will inevitably create resentment and rancor. Placing huge burdens on some but not on others on the basis of a lottery strikes me as totally unfair

If not everyone is needed to the armed forces then the surplice should be employed else where in the economy, but on a soldiers wage and under military discipline. The extra money that would have been earned going back to the state. All conscripts should get the same wage, including officers except those in front-line or other dangerous and unpleasant duties who should get more. Front line service should also reduce the conscription time you have to serve

People should be conscripted young at 18 or even earlier. Even if you don't want to send people to fight till they are 18, you can still start training them before their 18th birthdays. In a war where you are fighting for national service you can't afford to waste skilled workers on the front line unless those skills correspond to specific roles. When conscripts are not at the front line, there is no reason they can't spend part of their time receiving further education.
By Rich
Thinking about it, the only things that should exempt one from conscription are mental disablement and severe mental illness, where you are a threat to others. Sickness should not be a bar to conscription. Some people may not be able to work at all, but the key point is those that can work, work for a soldiers wage under military discipline.

In a way you could say I'm following the thinking of Leon Trotsky here and against Vladamir Lenin's soggy sentimental workerist Liberalism. If people are being forced to risk their lives on the front line, then why should the people behind the lines be free to engage in strikes and other peace time indulgences.

In the second world in Britain when Hitler invaded Poland all the Comunists including the Trotskyists denounced the war and worked to defeat Britain believing that a victory for Hitler would be a victory for the British working class. After Hitler attacked the Soviet Union, the Communist party supported the war effort and became opposed to all strikes for the duration of the war.
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By FiveofSwords
Civilization requires specialization. If you create a society where there is conscription then everyone will be a soldier...all other roles will be neglected. That will ironically make your society weak and easy to conquer because so many things necessary for power will be neglected (like technology).

This general concept also applies to the question of women in the military. Combat simply is not the natural role for a is intrinsically a poor division of labor since the size of the next generation depends entirely on how many women get pregnant..the role of men in that department is less important.

Meanwhile, it is rather absurd to have conscription in a country where the people are actively disloyal. The majority of us citizens, for example, hate the us. What do you think would happen if there was conscription? Mass sabotage and treason, of course.
By Rich
FiveofSwords wrote:Meanwhile, it is rather absurd to have conscription in a country where the people are actively disloyal.

Oh I agree. I certainly think we should oppose attempts by the liberal elite to reintroduce conscription in Europe. However there have been situations where nations needed conscription to compete in the struggle of nations and other states. Arguably Israel couldn't have survived without conscription.

So generally I favour all volunteer forces, which just means that those who are not in the armed forces must pay sufficient taxes to attract the quantity and quality of service people needed. There comes a point though where this becomes unaffordable and you may have a situation where no amount of money would get the recruits you need. You have a situation like that in Ukraine. Pay for Ukrainian soldiers is not brilliant I believe, but even if you paid them US level wages and benefits, it wouldn't get enough recruits for such a high risk of death or life changing injuries.

So my discussion of how to make conscription fair or at least significantly fairer is in part motivated by the desire to discourage conscription, unless its is really necessary. Conscription like criminal prisons and the imprisonment of prisoners of war is a form of slavery. Few things reveal the hypocrisy and vileness of the liberal elite and their fanbois more than the fact that there is no discussion of conscription in Ukraine.
By Rich
So there's a bit of furora at the moment over the conscription of circus entertainers in Ukraine. Or rather the lack of it. I agree that it would be a waste to send your top circus performers to the front lines. In a war you need entertainers to keep up the morale both of the troops and the civilian population. However if you are going to have conscription then everyone in the appropriate age group should make sacrifices. Circus performers should be conscripted, the best should be kept a circus entertainers but live under military discipline on a soldiers wage, their surplice wages going back to the state.

Complete equality is not possible in war, same us every other sphere of life. However the inequality can be mitigated by ensuring, that front line soldiers receive higher wages than their peers who are not in the front line and assuming they don't get killed are released from conscription and become free to earn a market wage after a shorter duration. Conscription is a form of slavery, we should not deny that. It is also a form of communism.

Conscription in Ukraine currently works similar to how it did with the US during the Vietnam war. The elite and the better educated use their money and privilige to avoid conscription, but those that do get conscripted use their money and privilege to avoid front line service. Ukraine has used this war to genocide its ethnic Russian population, this is why its entirely fair to refer to Mr Biden as genocide Joe. In similar way Black African Americans in Vietnam were disproportionately assigned to front line units.
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