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For discussion of moral and ethical issues.
Forum rules: No one line posts please.
By GandalfTheGrey
Welcome to the Morals and Ethics forum.

Unlike some other forums on this site, this forum is for sensible and civilised debating. Therefore I ask you all to follow two simple rules:

1. No useless one liners
This is not Gorkiy Park, if you have nothing worthwhile to post, then don't post anything. This is for sensible debating only, if you want to be frivolous, stick to Gorkiy Park. In most cases one line posts will be deleted without notice, but occasionally I might keep the post, but replace the text with a warning in green. This might be the case, for example, for a newbie. But since everyone should read this post anyway, there should be no excuse for not knowing this simple rule.

2. No personal attacks
Also sometimes known as "flaming". This is totally unacceptable, and offenders will not only have their posts deleted, they will also be reported to the admin.

Other rules that I ask you to observe to keep the forum running smoothly:

Avoid quoting quotes
If you are quoting someone, make sure it is enclosed in only one quotation box. Don't quote within quotes. For example, don't do this:

GTG wrote:this is the original quote
now I am quoting something else
this quote makes it very difficult to follow, and just makes the post messy

Avoid starting identical threads
if you want to start a new thread, firstly make sure the thread hasn't been started before. If it has been started before, but it is very old (eg if it cannot be seen on the first page of threads), then I will probably accept the new thread. I have come to accept that the abortion thread will inevitably keep respawning, but if the new one is too close to the previous thread, then I will instruct users to stick with the old one. Since such hot topics as abortion never stay inactive for very long, there probably won't be any need for more than one thread.

Don't start off topic threads
Before starting threads, pause and make sure it is relevant to Morals & Ethics. An off topic thread will be moved to a forum I deem more relevant to the topic. Usually I will keep a "shadow" of a moved topic for a day or so just so that people know that it has been moved and where. In the past, the threads I most commonly move are those related to religion. Very often religion is related to morals and ethics, but there have been many topics about philosophy and the existence of God which I have moved to the philosophy forum - The Agora.

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