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Modern, globalist, equality-fetishist leftism would have you believe that they are the party of ideas, that they are the party of a future shepherding- excuse me, that might have religious connotation- rather ushering in a new era when everyone will love and hold as much in their coffers as their fellow man. That we shall shed the broken ideals of olden times that were hindering progress and reducing the quality of life.

What a wondrous farce! These new leftists would have you spurn your brother to help your neighbor, would have you leave your church to teach english to an asshole of a country, would have you turn your back on your nation in disgust to inflate the ego of your globalist allies.

This new type of doublethink (people before people for acceptance, hate those that have with love, rile up the masses against instability) masks the true nature of the leftist’s ideals. They are not trying to give back, they are trying to take away. They would take a piece of your bread that you worked so hard for and have a meager amount of and tell you, “sir, that is too much. We are taking it away and we are giving it to this man.”

Who is this man? This man is the one prowling your streets at night, making you fear your potency may yield you a daughter for him to pray on. It’s an exaggeration, but not far from the truth. They don’t want to take your bread and feed someone who doesn’t have enough bread, for any man who looks for bread will eventually find it. They want to feed the miscreant, the cretin, the creep, so that he can go on and make his “art” and look for “work” while he does his “drugs.”

This man doesn’t fear the state, and why should he? He is taught that everyone is equal, so all he sees is pussies. He is taught that generosity should never cease, so he exploits this well of endless delights. He is taught that the world is united and that he is righteous! so he STRIKES upon us with all the wrath of anyone made to be a victim who KNOWS he is a beast.
By whistle britches
Re:the Honest Truth :lol:
Wow! this seems to me a rather vituperous attack on the Liberal agenda, and quite far from the truth.
Liberalism, as I see it, would simply require the super wealthy, corporate, right, to pay/participate in upholding egalitarin government. Facts indicate that they want the whole loaf and to heck with you.
I cite Reagan, G.W. Bush, and their policies of giving tax cuts/ subsidies to the richest 1 or 2% of Americans
and leaving the rest of us to "root hog or die". That has been the honest Truth.
The picture of the common man as painted in the post is , simply put, wrong. :)

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