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By Figlio di Moros
Dave wrote:Why would you hire someone with a black name in the first place? When I was looking for lawyers last year the first thing I was discard everyone who was obviously black or Hispanic. It was like playing Russian roulette only every sixth chamber was filled with a MEXICAN LAWYER. :knife: Fortunately I got a nice Jewish attorney. 8)

Solution for these black job applicants: change your name to something normal instead of something that sounds like a cat vomiting. :roll:

See, I knew you were a Jew-lover!!!

Zyx, ever read Freakonomics? The issue isn't race at all, but class; simply put, those blacks with names like Nichelle, Jamaal, etc. are like to have poor, dumbass parents. Blacks who give their kids more anglican names are more likely to be middle-to-upper class and more intellegent. Black who change their name also tend to be more intellegent. Very piss-poor example.

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