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Political issues in the People's Republic of China.

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Nowadays, cooperation between Russia and China in the defense field and in the military-technical sphere has become the main driver of the development of Russian-Chinese relations, which, of course, creates a threat to the United States interests. According to experts` opinion, the key motive for the rapprochement of the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China was the US policy: the Americans are pursuing a strategy of deterring other major powers and interfering in the internal affairs of other states.
Territorial contradictions in the South and East China Seas affected the sentiments of the Chinese leadership particularly strongly. It should be recalled that we are talking about the disputed between China and Japan, the Senkaku Islands (the Chinese name is Diaoyudao), the island of Taiwan, which China considers its own, although it is controlled by the Republic of China (Taiwan), the Spratly Islands, on the archipelago and the adjacent waters of which, also, claim not only China, but Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan. It should be noted that the islands are of strategic importance, since they are followed by sea routes connecting the Pacific and Indian Oceans through the Straits of Malacca and Singapore. Ships from Europe, India, and the Middle East to Japan, China, and Korea go this route.
Thus, the Pacific Ocean, due to the many unresolved territorial disputes between states, is becoming a potentially dangerous area. Under these conditions, in the presence of tensions with the United States, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and other countries, Beijing was forced to seek interaction with forces in the region that would not be so hostile. Russia, however, has established itself as a reliable partner, consistently upholding international law, caring for security issues and cooperation in various fields. Thus, Russian-Chinese military cooperation can undoubtedly call into question American dominance in the Asia-Pacific region, for which it is constantly fighting.
In the Pacific Ocean, where the forces of Russia and China are threatened by the US Navy and their allies, working out the cooperation of the naval forces of Russia and China is not only necessary, but also allows to work out various interaction scenarios, both during peace and conflict scenarios.
Since 2015, the DF-26 medium-range ballistic missiles capable of reaching the American base on the island of Guam have been in service with the PRC. And in 2019, it is expected that the first aircraft carrier of its own construction (project 001A) will be introduced into the Chinese Navy. Contracts have been successfully implemented for the supply to China of Russian SU-35 airplanes and the S-400 «Triumph» air defense and anti-missile defense systems, which in the West are considered as the most powerful threat.
Furthermore, American experts noted the increased frequency and scale of Russian-Chinese military exercises, such as «Sea Interaction-2016», during which the Chinese Navy, together with Russian ships, worked out the «seizure of the islands» in the South China Sea. At the end of April or at the beginning of May 2019, another «Sea Interaction-2019» military exercise is planned, within which seamen of the two countries will work out situations of joint maneuvering, communications organizations, conduct artillery and rocket firing at air and sea targets, and also work out search and search issues rescue support. In addition to surface forces, naval aviation of the Chinese Navy and diesel-electric submarines of both countries will be used in military exercises.
china and Russia both are well known for stealing technology and have been pretty good at it.
I seriously doubt they trust each other to a large extent.
next the usa has a massive navy . 11 front line aircraft carrier battle groups 18 ohio class hk subs and others .
8 smaller air craft carriers .
A huge airforce ground based. A tec superior ground force with highly modern tanks and artillery . not to mention a advance ground sea and possibly a space based nuke program. We also have a huge budget more than both china and Russia combined which allows us to fight a extended war anywhere in the world.
we also have many nations as allies with substernal military forces.

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