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By Hindsite
Hysterical NBA reaction over this China stuff


But how funny is the NBA reaction to the pro democracy protestors post by Houston GM. I think almost everyone in world who is not Chinese would agree with what the GM said, but because the NBA makes oodles of money from China and China has a history of being overly sensitive they have to cowtail and try and claim that it’s a “complex” situation. Hearing the corporate spin on why a communist totalitarian state may be in the right his pretty ridiculous.


Apparently the NBA isn’t so “woke” after all. They have no problem with hack coaches like Steve Kerr or Gregg PoppaZit bash American legal gun owners, or Trump or anyone who isn’t a leftist. But when it comes to China, they cowtail to the Chinese communists like it was their parents or something. The NBA is now silencing it’s players from speaking at all during the rest of the NBA exhibition series in China because it’s “complicated” or something. NBA players are supposed to represent the USA, not China, but apparently they are confused. The NBA needs an NFL style boycott.

On Thursday, CNN reporter Christina Macfarlane attempted to ask players James Harden and Russell Westbrook about Chinese censorship. The Daily Wire’s Amanda Prestigiacomo reported that as Macfarlane asked her question, her microphone was taken away and she was scolded by a team representative. ... something/
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