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National Center for Science Education
This channels has tons of lectures mainly on Darwin, Evolution, and education teachers about biology.

Growing Up in the Universe

Richard Dawkins brilliant series about Evolution

Cosmology, Astronomy, & anything Space related
A Universe From Nothing (Lecture)
By Lawrence Krauss

He talks about the universe and how it could be created from nothing.

Cosmos: A Personal Voyage
By Carl Sagan
His great series by PBS during the early 1980s. This was Carl Sagan's homage to science and the cosmos.

Richard Feynman: The Character of Physical Law
http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/richard- ... sical-law/

His 6 hour lecture from 1964 at Cornell University. What is included. The law of gravitation – an example of physical law, The relation of mathematics to physics, The great conservation principles, Symmetry in physical law, The distinction of past and future, Probability and uncertainty – the quantum mechanical view of nature, and Seeking new laws.

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