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As for changing your user name, I think it may be difficult for Tainari88 to swoon over 'Spotted Dick'. ;)

Oh, I don't know about that, Kaiserschmarrn. She hasn't seen my 'Spotted Dick' yet. Fnarr fnarr! :p
Potemkin wrote:Oh, I don't know about that, Kaiserschmarrn. She hasn't seen my 'Spotted Dick' yet. Fnarr fnarr! :p

Spotted dick is some kind of unappealing English food dish. Which I looked up a long time ago before I joined PoFo and which I was never interested in preparing. And Potemkin El Bellisimo could have the most stupid name like Ombrageaux had "Dumb Teen" and it will still make me is all about who he is in terms of his mind. For me he has a very attractive mind. And that is what is so 'swoon' worthy!

Kaisersshamarrn--I thought you were a woman for the longest time! I have no idea why.

Bellisimo will never show me anything like his 'spotted dick'. Too shy and retiring....I will bring him out of his shell! Before long he will be released from his usual, calm, collected Scottish self (he won't need liquor to feel not uptight anymore). And will be having quite a good time with me cracking jokes and being his usual self....I adore the Bellisimo. No use in hiding it. I learned long ago that repressing emotion is never healthy. I think the English/Scottish and Irish drink a lot because they are not used to externalizing emotional states without it. Interesting it is to me. ;)
Kaiserschmarrn wrote:Yes, I'm female, Tainari.

Whenever I read your nice posts about Potemkin I imagine him blushing and thinking 'How am I supposed to respond?!'. It makes me smile every time. Anyway, good luck with overcoming the British reserve. :)

I tell you Kaiser, I am puzzled by how Potemkin acts. I think there is a cultural divide. I truly do! He talks about women in Scotland throwing up from too much drinking in Scotland. Women with no charm and no 'joie de vie'. What kind of 'locas' do they have in Scotland? Someone like Potemkin would have been swarmed with totally beautiful women in Puerto Rico! I had strictly intellectual friendships with a couple of brilliant Puerto Rican men in other websites in Spanish specifically about Puerto Rican politics. All of them had too many women in their life. Haha! True. And these Scottish brilliant, gorgeous men like Potemkin here that I have been reading for YEARS---have been relegated to throw up in taxis and semi conscious superficial crap relationships?

I think it is hard for someone like Potemkin in Scotland. He is not a mainstream man by any stretch of the imagination. And I think he lives alone. He has reached a certain age where the pickings are getting slim. Or maybe he doesn't want too much complication. I don't know. All I know is that PoFo has retained him. Despite so many other brilliant communists who used to post here have moved on. I think he cares about this website. And he is attached to his writings. I know he is!!

What a sweet, delicious creature he is Kaiser!! In all ways. But I bet he doesn't believe so. He thinks he is jaded and a little cynical in certain ways. The truth? He is not. Young and vital and boyish down to his soul....such a naturally beautiful soul!

I am starting to think the Scottish culture is not big on emotion....whether highlander or lowlander....the Scottish don't trust flattery. They see it as suspicious I am sure. For my culture Kaiser? It is not about flattery ever. It is about letting people know how you feel about them. We as Ricans live for today above all else. And for us? Letting those we love and care for and admire and feel enthusiastic and passionate about? It is our obligation to never leave them in ignorance of the fact.

It is one of the most beautiful aspects of boricua culture in my opinion. Good night Kaiser! You rascally woman wanting to see Potemkin blush! I wish I could kiss the man. He is quite kissable. ;)
Tainari, I think he enjoys being a bit of an enigma. And I wouldn't trust his characterization of Scottish women; I'm sure there are many who are nice and decent.

But yes, I can imagine that this is somewhat of a culture shock and only time will tell if the cultural divide can be overcome! I will be watching with interest as events unfold. :)

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