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If yes, how was your experience? I am not talking about only free courses.

These sites offering various courses (free and paid) have exploded in numbers in recent years, I am thinking about subscribing to few of those.

To clarify I am talking about sites like :







Planning to do 2-3 economical courses by the end of year coupled with other things that might interest me like this programming language called Haskell, I just enrolled for Haskell on edx, will comment on my experience in a month.
Decky, I am starting with the free one.

Plus you are doing it wrong westerners are suppose to give money to us with outsourcing and not the other way round.

Whatever services you can provide over internet at £60 a month, I can do the same at £20 a month.

Sab, bad as in bad or your kind of bad as in "Everything's bad"? Any examples?

What courses did you take at coursera, mike?
It's very interesting, and quite new. It's essentially the stuff that controls if a gene is transcribed, and how often it gets transcribed. It's also a way our environments can actually influence our genes.

Duolingo has a section where you can try and translate real world articles from spanish (this is how duolingo makes money), there are other sites where you can send messages to a native language speaker trying to learn your language and you correct each other. Theres another site that sets up essentially skype calls with someone trying to learn your language.
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