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By tradition we know the women as main axis of home so less presence in society(in various different degree) has been expected.
But by new and modern situation women knew their right to be seen in society more and more.
Now we have two problems which should be balanced:
1. The right of women as an individual and their presence in society
2. The right of family structure as tradition accept it
The way that we sum up these two, shows the ways that societies accept it.
Before network, seemingly any technological advancement intensifies the clash between 1& 2.
But now, specially by concept of electronic government we have much re flexibilities in this regard.
Working in home plus the feeling of justice instead of opportunism, open a new way to sum up traditions and
the rights of women as individuals.That is a long way but a safe one.
In this way we are able to change and to transfer the possible clashes of feminism and feminism like movements and traditions to
a positive cooperation.
Family structure is changing. Where one person working could, at one time, support a family, one person cannot do so now. This means that "traditional family" has been altered by the necessities of the society. Unless you turn back the clock, have a VERY good job, or make big sacrifices, you aren't going to be able to return to the traditional family.

People who wish to retain the traditional nuclear family, can certainly do so, but it is becoming harder and harder to do that. It has nothing to do with feminism, but with capitalism.

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