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The ideology of Putin is the one of tsarism, not communism and yet less marxism. Orthodox religion is very important for him.
It is very naïve to think that because he was in the KGB, he adhered to marxism. Secret services in dictatures recruit among people who have a certain type of character, essentially psychopaths. Putin is in this category.
To be fair Putin does want his cake and eat it a bit when it comes to Communist heritage. The Georgian Stalin while a million miles from a full on Russian nationalist, was the one all union soviet leader that could be credibly accused of showing some level of Russian nationalism. Remember that American Capatalists and Soviet Communists were conspiring to make Crimea into a Jewish homeland. It was Stalin that finally put an end to that nonsense. Of course as soon as Stalin died plan B started up to turn Crimea into a Tartar state.

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